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Partnership Seamlessly Integrates Graphical Scheduling Processes for Mid-Market Customers Seeking Greater Flexibility and Operational Control

VAI, a leading ERP software provider, today announced details of its partnership with Preactor International, a Siemens company and world leader specializing in advanced planning and production scheduling software. As a result of this partnership, users of VAI’s S2K ERP for manufacturing software will gain access to a flexible and configurable advanced planning and production scheduling platform. Mid-market customers who implement VAI’s S2K product together with Preactor can generate achievable production schedules via real-time individual order and resource planning capabilities.

Preactor offers pre-packaged and vertical specific scheduling tools, including customizable modeling capabilities that allow organizations to capture relevant business logic and data structures in one, easy to use interface. With seamless updates delivered regularly to pre-packaged, vertical specific and custom environments, Preactor allows organizations to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs.

“Our planning and scheduling software is designed to support existing ERP environments without disrupting the existing functionality of their system,” said Dave Snyder, the Preactor Country Manager for North America. “We look forward to working with VAI and its loyal customer base to provide the seamless scheduling capabilities that mid-market companies need to meet their specific inventory and resource management requirements.”

“Mid-market companies are often nimble and able to adapt quickly, so their material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning and advanced planning capabilities need to follow suit,” said Dan Bivona, Sales Director, VAI. “Our partnership with Preactor will enable S2K customers to easily manage production schedules for optimal performance. Users will be able to effortlessly plan and execute at the shop floor level, whether that is increasing throughput, reducing work time, or managing raw material inventory.”

About Preactor

Preactor is the leading provider of advanced planning and scheduling solutions to the manufacturing industry. Preactor has an extensive installed base with more than 4,500 companies using Preactor in almost every manufacturing sector. For more information, visit