Are You Measuring it as a Performance Management Criteria?

Your company spends a significant amount of the budget purchasing, licensing, and maintaining specialized hardware and software to run the business. We know technology is one of the most common ways to strengthen your business performance and increase your bottom line. However, these tools are only as powerful as the employees that use them. So why aren’t more companies considering it best practice to rank “use of technology” as a critical key performance indicator, to be managed as carefully as other skills and competencies?

If you are like most people, you use just what you need and what you are familiar with. There are endless productivity and efficiency improvements that would be made possible by fostering an environment where technical tools are recognized as productivity enablers, and proactive use of them recognized and rewarded.

Most performance management programs involve a regular discussion and documentation about goals and objectives, and the employee’s varying levels of success in reaching them. Common competencies include professional development, teamwork, integrity, communication, sales, safety, and production goals. These metrics reflect the prominent values of the organization, and by leaving progressive use of technology out of the conversation, we are encouraging a complacent view of the tools that enable efficiencies and effectiveness. If performance ratings and salary increases were tied to best utilization of technology, employees who demonstrated technically progressive behaviors could be rewarded and recognized based on this type of competency.

At all levels of an organization, we could ask the following questions:

  • What initiatives have you taken to make better use of our existing systems?
  • What new technology have you improved in since our last discussion?
  • How have you advanced the skill set or the knowledge of others in the organization?
  • How have you reduced redundant data processing (for either yourself or someone else) by streamlining a process or system?

Do you currently consider progressive application of technology on the job to be a measurable criteria in your performance evaluations? If so, what do you measure?

Do you believe there is a benefit to be gained by viewing technology use as a performance competency and incorporated into your performance evaluation program? Why or why not?

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Blog entry written by Lena Laakso, Manager of Organizational Change Management at Panorama Consulting Group.

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