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St. Cloud, Minn., October 11, 2010 – Urban Processing of Wisconsin Rapids, WI decided ProcessPro® Premier ERP software was the best fit for its manufacturing system needs. Urban Processing has been in the cranberry business for three generations, and holds a unique patented process for their recognizably superior dried cranberry.

“We feel ProcessPro® software will accommodate all of our company’s specific needs in an ERP system,” says Trisha Anderson of Urban Processing.

Urban Processing maintains complete control of the cranberry process from start to finish. With ProcessPro® Premier, quality control will be consistent from the start and all the way through the final step of processing.

“Urban Processing was looking for ERP software to fit their operation, but equally important in their search was finding a vendor that would be their partner in the game,” says Mat Janhke, ProcessPro Business Development Representative.

“We also feel that the ProcessPro team has addressed and will continue to address all of our customer service needs. The service thus far has been outstanding, and we are looking forward to our ongoing relationship,” states Ander¬son.

ProcessPro is not only the developer of the leading Premier ERP package, ProcessPro sells, implements, and supports its clients directly. In the recent annual Client Satisfaction Survey, ProcessPro had a 98% satisfaction rate among its 3000+ user base. This is unheard of in the industry.

ProcessPro® Premier is a fully integrated, real time ERP that offers a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process. Additionally, ProcessPro® Premier has been designed specifically with the regulated manufacturer in mind.

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ProcessPro® Premier is the leading mid-market ERP software solution for the process manufacturing industry. Designed specifically for manufacturers that combine batches of mixtures, ProcessPro® Premier seamlessly integrates all aspects of plant operation, from beginning order entry through manufacturing, packaging, shipping and accounting. ProcessPro® Premier is available with full source code and is sold and supported directly by ProcessPro. Visit ProcessPro’s web site at or call 800/457-3548 for more information.

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