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Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced it is the first to deliver full student administration capabilities in the cloud for large, complex higher education institutions.

Unit4 has successfully deployed enterprise applications to over 1000 colleges and universities globally including 75 of the top 100 largest public universities in the UK. Customers include, the Singapore Institute of Management, the University of Bristol, HEC Paris, University of Liverpool, American University of Paris, University of Nottingham, Robert Morris University, University of York, Baylor College of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, and Kings College London.

The first to market with a cloud Student Information System (SIS) covering all core capabilities of institutions, Unit4’s Student Management system has become the fastest selling enterprise solution for Higher Education in the company’s 35-year history. Unit4 has added API integrations and Superstructure capabilities supporting institutions to run multiple, independent configurations from a single instance.

The University of Aberdeen is an example of Unit4’s early success. An ancient institution consistently ranked in the top one percent of the world’s higher education institutions, it will roll out Unit4 Student Management, on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, to over 16,000 students and staff. It is expected the solution will stimulate growth in the number of applicants, improve student retention rates and enhance the effectiveness of student operations.

Eduventures study: An overview of cloud-based Student Information Systems (SIS)

In a new report from Eduventures, Unit4 is described as “the first cloud SIS that delivered on 100 per cent of the core capabilities for institutions”; and one of the only vendors that can provide this feature coverage in the cloud today. “Its ability to tie CRM-like workflows to non-traditional students, informed by analytics and predictive tools, is unparalleled across the platforms reviewed for this report… The scalability afforded through Unit4’s partnership with Azure Cloud Services means Unit4 Student Management scales for institutions of any size and transactional volume, including large online programs.”

First to deliver full student administration capabilities for large, complex institutions

Unit4 is bringing 21st century innovation into the hands of students, faculty and campus administration. Built on Microsoft Azure, institutions benefit from the smart technology in Azure’s PaaS platform components including predictive analytics, machine learning, event stream analysis and complex event processing and Microsoft Office 365 integrations. The software becomes self-driving by making intelligent suggestions based on smart patterns. Users are supported to take better decisions, or tasks are automatically executed with permission from the user. Unit4 Student Management is the only next-generation Student Information System on the market supporting robust, campus-wide capabilities with an innovative “touch-first” interface.

On the back of significant global success, Unit4 is making its cutting edge Student Management system available to larger, more complex institutions through new simple to manage Superstructure capabilities. A “superstructure” capability allows customers to run multiple, independent configurations of the product with a single instance of the software. Whether they want to run separate configurations for individual schools within the system (e.g., business school, medical school, law school, etc.) or for individual campuses across a multi-campus system, they can do this all from a single instance of the software, including roll-up reporting capabilities for all.

New functionality also includes API integration, enabling Learning Management System integration, and enhancements to Block Registration, Requisites (courses and non-courses) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage relationships at an organizational level. Uniquely, institutions can manage most CRM, degree audit and student engagement/service delivery tasks from the Unit4 system without additional products or integrations. In many cases, complex customizations when migrating from legacy platforms can be eliminated entirely through its off-the-shelf workflow.

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