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TPS Uses Suggested Purchasing From Leading ERP Vendor to Make Educated Inventory Decisions That Benefit the Bottom Line

VAI (Vormittag Associates, Inc.), an award-winning ERP software provider, today announced that Transmission Parts Supply (TPS), a distributor of automatic and standard transmission parts, significantly improved purchasing decisions with VAI’s suggested purchasing, manufacturing and transfer modules — enhanced features of VAI’s newest version of S2K Enterprise. TPS implemented these modules to make educated purchasing and stock transfer decisions, and as a result the company has achieved a successful balance of inventory that directly aligns with its needs.

As a VAI customer since 1999, TPS required an up-to-date, flexible method of determining purchase orders to avoid over-ordering, while ensuring the appropriate inventory is in stock to meet customer demands. In March 2011, TPS rolled out the beta version of VAI’s upgraded suggested purchasing, manufacturing and transfer modules and became an integral part of the products’ development. TPS officially went live on the latest version of S2K Enterprise in September 2011.

The accuracy of the new suggested purchasing module immediately saved the sales team time by providing the information necessary to purchase inventory according to stock needs. Suggested manufacturing allows TPS to manufacture items needed for stock at its retail locations. These items are manufactured in the warehouse and then stocked and sold at the store locations. The suggested transfers feature provides a data-driven approach to determining how much inventory should be transferred from the warehouse to the retail locations.

By streamlining these processes, TPS can easily maintain the stock levels in retail locations required to accommodate customers when they need to purchase a part with a minimum delay, which ultimately benefits the company’s bottom-line.

“We were very excited when VAI offered TPS an opportunity to roll out its new suggested purchasing module in the beta phase,” said Buddy Scott, general manager, TPS. “VAI has always been flexible in customizing its products to meet our specific business needs, but actually having a handle in the development process significantly contributed to our immediate success. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to improving our business processes further.”

“We recognize that all businesses have unique needs, so our goal is to create flexible solutions that will help each individual customer achieve its full potential,” said Mike Gallagher, project director, VAI. “We are pleased with the value TPS has seen over the years working with VAI, and we will continue to work closely with the Company to assist with its software needs, now and in the future.”