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Toyota Lanka upgrades IFS solution across four business units to empower sales staff and maintain service excellence

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, announces that Toyota Lanka, a subsidiary of the Toyota Group, has successfully deployed the IFS Applications at four strategic business units in Sri Lanka: Sales, Spare parts, Services, and Shared Services.

Toyota Lanka has been using IFS Applications to empower its staff for over 11 years, having upgraded its IFS solution twice during this time.

IFS Applications supports mission-critical processes such as sales, supply chain, warehouse management, service management as well as finance and human resources. The solution is also designed to facilitate future business change and expansion, offering a robust tool for adapting to new technological advances in the automotive industry.

The new version of IFS Applications delivers an enhanced user interface in combination with improved backend capabilities that will increase processing speed and data transformation to enable informed decision-making and reduced service delivery times at each customer touch point.

“IFS Applications has lived up to our high expectations and has helped us map our future business requirements,” Toyota Lanka COO/CEO Manohara Atukorala said. ”The intuitive and user-friendly IFS solution helps us make informed decisions while focusing on providing an excellent customer experience.”

Toyota Lanka ICT Manager and upgrade project manager Uditha Sumpathipala added, “Vehicle and spare parts sales, combined with servicing business units, are of strategic importance for Toyota in Sri Lanka. Having identified a number of improvement areas in our business processes, we are pleased to have deployed a solution which provides greater transparency and traceability of information while enabling speedier service to our end customers. We are very happy with the new version of IFS Applications and the enhancements it brings to these business units. The new graphical user interface will undoubtedly increase user acceptance levels within the company, which is an important aspect in the success of any implementation. I wish to thank the core teams from both Toyota and IFS for a successful implementation.”

Jayantha De Silva, President / CEO, IFS Sri Lanka added, “Having the benefit of partnering with Toyota Lanka for over a decade, IFS was well placed to deliver a complex upgrade in an efficient and seamless way. We are proud of the trust that Toyota Lanka continues to place in our solutions and people and we look forward to delivering business value in the years to come.”

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