Panorama’s next ERP Boot Camp is just around the corner on May 22nd-23rd in Chicago, Illinois. Our Boot Camps are two days of intensive and interactive ERP education in an informal setting. The subject material covers everything from software selection to implementation to organizational change management to ensure that guests not only walk away with a robust understanding of the ERP project process but also are poised for ERP success. As one guest commented, “ERP Boot Camp was the best value for the money seminar I have ever attended. Every manager involved in an ERP implementation should take this course.”

Still not convinced that ERP Boot Camp is necessary for you and your team? Read on for the top five reasons to attend:

1. Because the fundamentals of ERP project management shouldn’t be a secret or surprise. Too many teams go into an ERP implementation with little or no ERP project management background. An implementation can be a defining point in your career — don’t you want to be armed with all the information you need to make it a success?

2. Because we’ll give you expert opinion and advice that you simply won’t hear anywhere else. Panorama gathers a group of the leading ERP industry experts at each of its Boot Camps, including its own independent team of consultants as well as ERP vendor representatives and value-added resellers, to provide advice on everything from negotiation to licensing to customization . . . and more!

3. Because you’ll learn all this info in a relaxed, collaborative environment. Forget the giant auditoriums and bustling crowds. Panorama’s ERP Boot Camp is an intimate, collegial experience with plenty of time for group critiques, networking, and relationship-building. Presenters are incredibly accessible and presentations are all interactive. If you’re looking for a personalized training, you’ve found the right place.

4. Because we’ll cut through all the jargon and hype to give you the truth. One of the most difficult tasks for a project manager is to cut through all the hype to discover what their ERP software truly is capable of providing . . . and what they need to do to get it there. Because Panorama is fully independent, we’re not afraid to give you the real story on software selection and implementation. Our collective opinion is based on hundreds of implementations and decades in the industry.

5. Because we’ll teach you about failures to prepare you for success! Panorama’s expertise in salvaging failed ERP implementations and our expert witness work in ERP lawsuits gives us an unparalleled breadth of knowledge to help you avoid the same pitfalls and, instead, build a framework for ERP success.

If you’re still on the fence, consider this: Is an ERP implementation really a situation where you want to avoid seeking help? You would (hopefully) sit through a class or two before flying an airplane, climbing a rock face or diving in the ocean so why assume that an ERP implementation would be any less risky? Sure, you won’t die but you also don’t necessarily have the capabilities to ensure its success . . . and that’s OK. That’s what we’re here for. Let us help you.

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