Government and public sector organizations have many unique challenges when it comes to implementing ERP software. Tight budgets, high expectations and the possibility of a publicized ERP failure add a layer of anxiety that most non-government organizations (NGOs) have not experienced.

We recently launched a website for Panorama Government Solutions, a leading independent consulting firm serving government and public sector clients. On this site you will find a variety of resources on management and technology consulting as it relates to government ERP software. And don’t forget that there are also many resources to explore on the Panorama Consulting site. Following is a list of five blog posts addressing government and public sector ERP implementations and the ever-present threat of failure:

Here are some additional resources on government ERP software:

Many government organizations find independent assessments helpful for ensuring their ERP implementations are on track to realize expected benefits. Panorama’s independent ERP consultants are skilled at providing independent verification and validation (IV&V) to private and public sector organizations hoping to mitigate risk and achieve ERP success. Contact us to learn more.

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