The new year is always a good time to make resolutions to educate ourselves and expand our horizons. With that in mind, it’s also helpful to look at past blogs that have proven to be the most useful to our readers over the last year. Below are the top 10 blogs as determined by Google measures of traffic on our web site in 2016. Not all blogs were published in 2016, but they give a good sense of the ones that were the most valuable to peers. 10. Five Change Management Strategies for a Global ERP Implementation. Managing global ERP implementations entail a number of complexities and challenges that need to be addressed from an organizational change management perspective. Read the blog here to read what those issues are. 9. Key Objectives of Conference Room Pilots Proper software testing is often one of the most overlooked and rushed – yet most important – parts of an ERP implementation. Read this blog favorite here to learn more about how to make your conference room pilots successful. 8. ERP Software Customization: The Ultimate Sin of Enterprise Software The word “customization” is often one of the most dreaded by CIOs. While it is often necessary, it involves a slippery slope that is risky at best. Read the blog here to learn more about this necessary evil. 7. Top 10 Predictions for the ERP Industry in 2015 Yes, it may be a year dated, but our predictions for 2015 continued to be one of the most popular blogs in 2016. From cloud to SaaS to organizational change management, this blog identifies many trends that are still relevant a year later. Read the blog here. 6. Top 10 Misconceptions About the SAP vs. Oracle Debate Many larger and more complex organizations narrow their ERP software searches to the two biggest ERP vendors: SAP and Oracle. This blog clarifies some of the misnomers about these two leading solutions. Read the full blog here. 5. SAP vs. Oracle vs. Microsoft Dynamics vs. Infor: Lessons from the 2016 Clash of the Titans Report In addition to SAP and Oracle, our clients often ask us questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Infor CloudSuite – two other leading Tier I ERP systems. Read the blog here, which outlines the differences between the four leading systems in the market. 4. Key Findings from the 2015 ERP Report Each year we publish a summary of our annual research of ERP implementations across the globe. This blog summarizing the 2015 ERP Report was one of the year’s most popular. Read the blog posting, or download the even more current 2016 ERP Report. 3. SAP vs. Oracle vs. Microsoft Dynamics: What to Expect in 2020 In addition to wanting to learn about current capabilities of leading ERP systems, many of our clients are interested in learning about longer-term trends. This blog outlines our thoughts on where the two leading systems in the marketplace are headed. 2. Top 10 Predictions for the ERP Industry Our predictions blogs are always some of the most popular, and our predictions for this last year were no different. Read the predictions here, or read our even more recent blog about our top 10 ERP predictions for 2017. This blog was published in 2012, but it continues to be one of our most popular – largely because it addresses such an important and misunderstood aspect of ERP implementations. Even though it was published four years ago, it is just as relevant today as it was then. Read the blog post here.

While a lot of these are years old, you can see that a lot of necessities stay the same and people all encounter the same types of problems.

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