As we’ve outlined fairly extensively in our research, ERP selection and implementation projects are rarely a slam-dunk success. However, external expertise increases the likelihood of a more successful enterprise software initiative.

Below are several criteria and things to look for when evaluating potential ERP selection or implementation partners:


Consultants that sell software are not necessarily going to objectively give you the best advice for how to choose and implement the right enterprise solution. Consulting firms that are independent have only the client’s best interests in mind rather than selling new or additional software in a way that will increase their own revenues.

Focus. Few consultants specialize in ERP selection and implementation. Therefore, finding a skill set with sufficient breadth and depth of expertise can be challenging. Leveraging a firm that specializes in ERP rather than trying to be everything is one way to overcome this challenge. For example, Panorama has experience helping clients select and implement over 100 different ERP, CRM, PLM, manufacturing, distribution, financial, and supply chain solutions.

Proven Tools and Methodology

Companies with considerable ERP experience will have repeatable and proven tools and methodologies that will accelerate your selection and implementation process at a lower cost. Ask to see specific sample deliverables and tools that they would deliver for your project.

Balanced understanding of business and technology. As our ERP research and experience shows, successful enterprise software initiatives are less about technology and more about business. Look for tangible ways that the firm will be able to help improve your business operations and make your organizational more profitable with new enterprise software solutions.

Focus on Business Needs

While on the one hand you should look for a firm with repeatable tools and methodologies, you will also want a firm that can incorporate your needs into the evaluation and implementation process. ERP software initiatives should cater to your unique business needs rather than provide an entirely cookie cutter approach.

These tips will help provide a starting point for finding the right consultant to help you through the software selection, implementation, and organizational change management process. Panorama Consulting is one firm that meets the above criteria.

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