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The State replaces existing ERP with UNIT4 Agresso

UNIT4, the global leader in software that supports business change, has announced the next step within the plan to implement UNIT4 Agresso within the government enterprises of the State of Saxony. The State of Saxony has decided – by accepting the specifications of the NSM –  to modernize its administration (within several government enterprises and authorities), and this announcement reflects their commitment to the project.

With Saxon Real Estate and Construction Management Public Sector Company (SIB) the fifth governmental institution within the State of Saxony will change to UNIT4’s Agresso ERP software. Agresso will replace the incumbent ERP system which has proven complex and expensive to customise, and cannot meet the organisation’s change requirements.

‘The “Neues Steuerungsmodell (NSM)” corresponds in many parts to the international trend of “New Public Management” (NPM). The goal is to modernize the public sector with similar economic elements as private businesses and to benefit from economies of scale, making the planning of public services and resources more efficient and transparent.

More than 800 towns and municipalities, as well as six federal states already benefit from UNIT4 ERP solutions.