Now that the holidays are over and the predictions for 2013 are in, we can get back to the business at hand for the coming year. This is the time when many of our existing and potential clients are either planning for upgrades or improvements or looking for ways to get more out of their ERP software. New budgets and new resource plans for the coming year often lead to new investments in ERP systems.

In the last year, Panorama added several well-known international clients to our portfolio, doubled in size and revenue (again), and saw an increase in a number of our service offerings. The large increase in demand for our services is mostly due to an uptick in four key areas, which we believe is an indicator of where the ERP industry is headed in 2013:

Business process reengineering. Most of our clients hire us not only because we are the world’s leading independent ERP consultants but also because we understand their businesses. For example, manufacturing firms hire us because we know how to design and implement best practices within their organizations and because we speak their language. The same is true for our clients in the financial services, professional services, government, distribution and medical device industries. Clients are realizing that ERP initiatives are about much more than technology – they are about improving business operations with tangible, measurable results – which is why they lean on us to provide critical business process reengineering services.

Organizational change management. As the pioneers behind the most robust and effective organizational change management methodology and toolset in the industry, we are gratified to see more companies recognize the need to focus on this area. Since most of our clients are larger, more complex international organizations, they have a significant need for help transforming and standardizing their disparate organizations that goes above and beyond their ERP implementations. Our team, which is the most experienced organizational change management team you’ll find in the ERP industry, is seeing an increase in demand for these services as a result of this trend. Even the competitors and Panorama knockoffs in the industry are attempting to replicate this increased focus on organizational change management.

ERP implementation project management. Our biggest revenue source continues to be from our ERP implementation practice area, which is showing no signs of slowing. Companies are increasingly turning to Panorama to help manage their implementations from start to finish, which we are able to do effectively because of our technology-agnostic implementation best practices and our access to the world’s best functional and technical implementation resources for all of the leading ERP systems. Our broad and deep expertise in implementation project management, organizational change management and business process reengineering also makes us much more effective than our competitors at ERP software selection.

Expert witness and ERP implementation recovery. I’ve been in this industry for a long time and I’m still amazed at how many ERP implementations fail. This trend, combined with our position as the market’s de facto ERP experts, has resulted in an increase in demand for services to either help clean up and take over failed ERP implementations and/or serve as expert witnesses in ERP lawsuits. Fortunately, many organizations and their executive teams are recognizing the warning signs earlier in the implementation cycle, which is allowing them to recover faster than they would otherwise.

While some of these trends were discussed in the 2013 predictions blog and podcast, they are worth revisiting as we benchmark to what other organizations are focusing on in the coming year. The smarter and more effective organizations that focus on the first three areas mentioned above will be less likely to find themselves in a position to engage our services in the fourth area.

Here’s to a prosperous and successful New Year and please contact us if you have any questions about how to achieve ERP success in 2013.

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