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An international study, carried out by TNS Sifo on behalf of IFS, reveals what is important for IT Directors when launching a new business software project. IT Directors in the USA, the UK, Germany, Sweden and the Benelux countries were asked about the most important aspects when evaluating business software providers.

The study examined the attitude of 216 decision makers in the USA, the UK, Germany, Sweden and the Benelux countries with respect to return on investment, procurement strategy and vendor relations when purchasing business solutions.

The five most important factors that IT directors look for when launching an ERP project are:

  1. Flexible and scalable systems
  2. Innovative and proactive software vendor
  3. Good understanding of how the company works
  4. Committed contact persons
  5. User-centric systems

From the IT Director’s perspective, the most important factor when considering a new business system provider is its ability to offer flexible and scalable systems that can be adapted to the company’s changing needs. In addition, the ideal software vendor is innovative and proactive when it comes to the customer’s needs and have a good understanding of how the customer’s company works. These requirements are in no way unique for IT Directors, all decision makers have the same top-two priorities: an agile system and a proactive and innovative supplier.

In addition, the study shows that IT Directors are also concerned with softer values. They rate commited contact persons on the vendor’s side as slightly more important than user-centric systems.

“The study reveals a great number of factors that are important for the IT Director when planning the next business software project.” Alexander Sovré, Director at TNS Sifo specialized in IT and telecom-related research, said. “Notably, user-centric systems finish in the top five, which indicates an interest among IT Directors to provide intuitive and user-friendly solutions to the end users. Together with Nice to do business with, which ranked as number six on the wish list, this shows that business software projects do not only involve functionality and technology, but also human factors that add value throughout the lifecycle of the system.”

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