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Since its merger with TPG Solutions, Panorama has offered its clients a full array of ERP staffing services. From SAP, Oracle and Tier II functional experts to solution architects to ERP project managers, we take pride in bringing the best and brightest our industry has to offer to our clients.

Though we have never doubted the importance of qualified staffing to an ERP software selection or implementation project, I admit that even I was a little surprised to see a recent survey by CareerBuilder state that seven out of ten companies (69-percent) “reported that bad hires lowered their company’s productivity, affected worker morale and even resulted in legal issues.” Perhaps equally alarming, 25-percent of companies surveyed reported that a bad hire cost more than $50,000. Multiply those effects by a series of bad hiring choices and you quickly have a situation that could sink the ship, so to speak.

Clearly, the “hiring stakes” are high at any point in an organization’s development. I would argue, however, that they are at their highest during a time of great change or transition, e.g., before or during an ERP implementation. In fact, the financial implications of a bad ERP hire are astronomical. Not only can a bad hire derail the project by not performing his or her anticipated duties, but actually can sour the entire work environment in an incredibly damaging – and long lasting – way. It is no secret to readers of this blog that employees of a company in the midst of an ERP project are frequently defensive, frightened, angry or just plain bewildered. After all, it’s human nature to fear change. But add in a bad hire or two to the mix – especially in positions of power – and you might as well be putting the proverbial spark in the powder keg. The wrong employee can compromise the ERP project’s potential for success while taking the staff alignment, efficiency and support so necessary for organizational (and ERP) success down with it. As the survey mentioned above found, 41-percent of respondents noted that a bad hire resulted in lost worker productivity and 36-percent noted it had a negative impact on employee morale.

There is no way to look at a bad hire as an acceptable business cost, so you simply have to take hiring very seriously. You have to aim to hire the right person on an ERP project. The fact of the matter is simple: many companies just don’t know how to hire for an ERP project. And why should they? ERP isn’t their main function. It’s not how they make their money. Even if your company has an incredibly gifted Talent Acquisition department, the corporate recruiters on staff likely don’t understand ERP hiring. They don’t know the questions to ask, they don’t know how to evaluate technical skills and software modules and they don’t know how to find an ERP expert who fits into their corporate culture. That’s where Panorama comes in. Our candidate selection process identifies top ERP talent. Using our staffing and resource acquisition methodologies, we are able to deliver the right people for the right job at the right time. Further still, we offer a flexible array of contract, contract-to-hire and permanent placement services, ensuring that each of our clients finds the best short- or long-term solution for their unique needs.

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