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Ever since Panorama started in 2005, frequent blogging has been one of our keys to sharing insights and client experience with the ERP community. Over the years, we have focused on sharing best practices around topics ranging from ERP software selection, ERP implementation best practices, and organizational change management. This year, we’ve upped the ante by expanding our author base to include more of our 25+ employees.

Since we have posted so many good blogs and articles this year, I thought I would share a few of my favorites so far:

In addition, below are the top five most-read blogs on our web-site so far this year:

  1. Top Ten ERP Software Predictions for 2010
  2. One Key Reason Why 72% of ERP System Implementations Fail
  3. The 2010 ERP Vendor Analysis Results Are In, and the Winner Is…
  4. Organizational Change Management Tips for Global ERP Software Implementations
  5. Welcome to the Jungle: Lessons from ERP Software Implementation Failures

We will publish a more comprehensive year-end list later in the year, but we hope that these blogs provide some good summertime reading in the meantime.