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Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, today announced that the Spanish subsidiary of The Bel Group, a world leader in branded cheeses, has selected Esker to automate the processing and archiving of 5,000 yearly customer orders, as well as the sending and archiving of customer invoices in electronic format. Document process automation has enabled Bel Spain to improve its sales cycle by combining various order receiving channels, including fax and email, while simultaneously reducing its impact on the environment.

Bel Spain receives approximately 25,000 customer orders per year – 33 percent of which are received in electronic data interchange (EDI) format, while the rest are handled by fax, email, telephone or directly by its distributors. Previously, customer orders were manually processed by Bel Spain employees via an SAP application or directly by the company’s distributors.

Bel Spain was looking for an integrated solution to automate customer orders received by fax or email, to increase efficiency and to reduce the number of processing errors. After reviewing numerous solutions, Bel Spain selected Esker for its capacity to handle inbound and outbound documents and for the Esker platform’s full integration with SAP applications.

Accounts Receivable automation capabilities

Thanks to Esker solutions, Bel Spain now automates sending and archiving of electronic invoices for customers and benefits from the following AR features:

  • Invoices with electronic signatures automatically generated from SAP
  • Signed PDF invoices automatically sent by email via Lotus Notes
  • Electronic invoices archived online, freeing-up physical space


Customer order and invoice automation benefits

Document process automation advantages gained by Bel Spain include:

  • Decrease in order processing time
  • Elimination of processing errors due to manual handling
  • Elimination of physical archiving, gaining space taken by 115 binders each year*

“We have achieved significant time savings as a result of sales order processing automation. We are also putting electronic invoicing into place. Thanks to the automation of these two strategic processes, we are moving towards efficient and ecological paper-free handling,” said a Bel Spain manager.

In addition to significant savings achieved by automating, sending and archiving customer orders and electronic invoices, environmental responsibility is of great importance to the Bel Group, which has decreased its ecological footprint by reducing paper consumption in business processes.


About The Bel Group

The Bel Group is a world leader in branded cheeses. Its portfolio of differentiated and internationally recognized brands, including such products as The Laughing Cow, Kiri, Mini Babybel, Leerdammer, and Boursin, as well as some 20 local brands, enabled the Group to generate sales of €2.4 billion in 2010. Nearly 11,300 employees in some 30 subsidiaries around the world contribute to the Group’s success. Its products are prepared at 25 production sites and distributed in over 120 countries.