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In case you missed it, we recently published our 2010 ERP Vendor Analysis report, which outlines actual ERP selection and implementation results from over 1,600 organizations across the globe. Although no one vendor stood above the rest, with each having distinct strengths and weaknesses, the report contains some interesting data points for companies about to embark on their ERP software selection project.

For example, here are some key findings from the study:

  • Tier II software vendors increased their market share by several percentage points in 2010 compared to 2008, up to 30% of the total ERP market
  • SAP is the most short-listed ERP solution
  • Oracle eBusiness is the most selected option
  • Microsoft Dynamics delivers the fastest payback and ROI of all the major ERP vendors, followed by Infor and Epicor
  • Tier II solutions are more likely to deliver a majority of expected business benefits, while Tier III (including many SaaS solutions) are the least likely

In addition to these comparison points among leading ERP solutions, the report also outlines some not-so-good news for the average ERP implementation:

  • 72% of implementations require at least some customization to meet business requirements, while a full 24% required heavy or complete customization
  • Tier I solutions (SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics) are much more likely to require customization than Tier II and Tier III counterparts
  • Although 72% of organizations are at least somewhat satisfied with their chosen ERP vendor, 55% of organizations realized 30% or less of the expected business benefits

Interested in reading more detail about our ERP vendor analysis? Click to download the full report.