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Manufacturing Webinar Features Importance of Enterprise-Wide Collaboration

Free Online Event Set For July 14, 2011 1-2 EDT

Plex Systems, Inc., provider of Plex Online, Cloud ERP for manufacturers, is hosting a free online webinar geared to manufacturers on Thursday, July 14, 2011 1 p.m. EDT.

Co-hosting with implementation partner Revolution Group, Plex Systems offers the one-hour webinar to demonstrate how manufacturers can create a collaborative work environment and facilitate communication.

Registration is now open for the July 14 webinar.

By integrating Salesforce Chatter features with Plex Online Cloud ERP, manufacturers improve inventory management, customer service, maintenance management, production control scheduling and more.  The webinar shows how collaboration adds strength to all processes and programs.

“This webinar provides manufacturers with the unique opportunity to see first-hand how a collaborative manufacturing environment enhances productivity,” notes Plex Systems Vice President Patrick Fetterman. “Participants will view the functions within Plex Online Cloud ERP that can integrate with real-time team communications.”

Salesforce Chatter is a powerful collaborative tool that offers practical benefits to manufacturers. Representatives from Revolution Group will showcase the specific system features for shared knowledge, idea exchange and real-time problem solving.

Manufacturers may register for the online webinar taking place July 14, 2011.


About Revolution Group

Revolution Group is a technology services, consulting, implementation, and application development solutions provider with Plex Online ERP, and Sales, and Service Cloud practice areas.  As a Plex Systems premier implementation partner, and Registered Consulting partner, Revolution Group offers best practice Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products and services to manufacturing companies.  The Revolution software development team has extensive experience integrating disparate systems, extending, enhancing, and constructing custom applications to support our clients’ continuous lean process improvement.

Why is Organizational Change Management So Important to ERP Implementations?

One of the problems with organizational change management is that it is an often misunderstood concept that executives have trouble getting their heads around. When working with our clients, we find that executives often either 1) simply associate organizational change with end-user training, or 2) view it as a soft, intangible, and discretionary part of an ERP implementation budget. Unfortunately, both views of organizational change can’t be much further from the truth.

Because we are so often asked to better define organizational change management, its key components, and reasons why it’s so crucial to ERP success, we are used to explaining organizational change in the context of how the success or failure of ERP systems often rests on the ways the organizational aspects are addressed (or not). As we have found and explained to many clients over the years, training is a relatively minor portion of an effective organizational change management strategy, but few non-change experts understand what all the other “stuff” relates to. Similarly and to dispel the second common misconception above, organizational change management, when done effectively, is very tangible, valuable, and delivers measurable business benefits.

Below is an excerpt from a webinar we recently gave on the topic. View this presentation to learn more about why organizational change management is so important to successful ERP initiatives. In addition, you can find the full presentation on this this and other topics in our ERP resource center.

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