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Overview of the Top 10 ERP Systems

Overview of the Top 10 ERP Systems

Potential buyers of enterprise technologies have hundreds of ERP systems to choose from. In fact, we track the leading 250+ systems in our internal ERP vendor database to help our consulting teams provide data to our clients selecting and implementing new software.

The entire evaluation process can be daunting, which is why we have compiled our first annual Top 10 ERP System Rankings. These rankings – which are 100% independent and based on our quantitative research and experience with hundreds of enterprise and ERP software packages in the industry – are based on five key criteria: market share, time to implement, cost to implement, time to realize benefits and functional scoring from our clients.

You can download the full report here, but in the meantime, here are a few highlights of which ERP systems made the top three in each of the categories we evaluated:

ERP System Market Share

Although this may not determine the “best” systems in the market, it is a good indicator of level of industry adoption and the amount of resources that are spent on research and development. It should come as no surprise that the leading three vendors (SAP HANA, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics 365) fill out the top three.

ERP System Market Share
SAP HANA 20.3%
Oracle 13.9%
Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.4%


Time to Implement

Many organizations fear a long, drawn out implementation timeframe, so looking at what results companies are actually achieving can be a good benchmark. Although ERP implementations for larger organizations can often last years, the following three vendors had the shortest implementation durations: Oracle, Infor CloudSuite, and SAP HANA.


ERP System Implementation Time (months)
Oracle 25
Infor CloudSuite 30


Implementation Costs

ERP implementation costs can range from a few hundred thousand dollars for smaller organizations to tens of millions of dollars for larger, multi-national organizations. That wide discrepancy in numbers can be difficult to make sense of, so we’ve normalized implementation costs in our study to account for different company sizes. IQMS, NetSuite, and IFS are the leading ERP systems in terms of those that can be implemented with the least amount of total cost, as expressed as a percentage of the organization’s annual revenue. For example, a 5% figure would suggest that the average $100M company will spend a total of $5M on their ERP initiative.

ERP System Implementation Cost (% of revenue)
NetSuite 2.8%
IQMS 2.9%
IFS 4.0%


ERP System Functional Score 

Organizations typically purchase new ERP software because they are looking for specific functionality, and each solution in the market has its own strengths, weaknesses and tradeoffs. When we examine the functional scores that our own clients give various solutions in the market, we find that there are three that stand out above the rest. Keep in mind that these scores are average across all functional areas, so it is important to also examine how these systems compare across different business processes (contact us for more detailed functionality scores for all the leading ERP systems).


ERP System Average Functional Score (Scale of 5)
IFS 3.6
Oracle 3.33
Epicor 3.2



Time to Realize Business Benefits 

Finally, our in-depth study also looks at how long it takes companies to realize enough business benefits to justify a positive payback on their initial investment, which can range to a few months to a few years. As the data below illustrates, SAP HANA, Epicor, and NetSuite lead this category.


ERP System Time to Realize Payback (months)
Epicor 8.6
NetSuite 8.7


So what does this all mean to you? First, it means that there are plenty of enterprise systems to choose from in the market, and these just happen to be the ones that made our first top 10 list. Second, it means that while this is good information to start with during your ERP software selection process, it is just one of many data points you should use when considering new software. You ultimately need to decide what criteria are most important to you, then narrow down your potential options based on your unique criteria. This is something Panorama has helped hundreds of organizations across the globe accomplish.

Download the full Top 10 ERP System Rankings Report to see the entire top 10 list and to see how the various vendors compare to one another in each of the criteria used in the study.

SYSPRO ERP Equipped Machinery Manufacturers Well-positioned

Study Predicts Machinery Market to Hit New Peaks in Current Five Year Period

SYSPRO, a provider of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that manufacturers utilizing SYSPRO ERP are well-equipped to handle the predicted high demand for capital machinery.

According to a study prepared and issued by IHS Technology and reported by American Machinist, the demand for machines for a variety of uses will drive a 6.3% annual improvement in revenues this year with continued high growth through 2018. “The improving economic outlook is a key factor in the strong growth of machinery in the coming years,” stated Andrew Robertson, Senior Analyst for Industrial Automation.

Joey Benadretti, SYSPRO USA president, notes that those machinery manufacturers utilizing SYSPRO ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software are well-positioned to leverage the increased demand for machinery and equipment of all types.

“SYSPRO ERP encompasses all areas of software required by manufacturers, enabling costs to be tightly controlled and products to be tracked through the manufacturing process and along the supply chain,” says Benadretti. “In addition, SYSPRO software facilitates communication and collaboration with critical suppliers and customers, supports rapid time-to-market for new products and manages orders and inventory in accordance with the adoption of Lean Manufacturing principles.”

SYSPRO USA offers machinery and equipment manufacturers — from mixed-mode manufacturing to complex collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers and customers — a comprehensive range of technology solutions at a competitive cost point and in support of Lean Manufacturing:

  • Financials — to help manage capital, track expenses, and assess customer and product profitability
  • Contact Management and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) — to accurately communicate with a bewildering array of global suppliers
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) — to enable rapid integration of suppliers’, customers’ and other business partners’ systems
  • Planning and Scheduling — to manage the intricate parts scheduling, fabrication and assembly process of unique items
  • Supply Chain Management — to successfully orchestrate the movement of parts to support Lean Manufacturing, minimizing inventory carrying costs
  • Full traceability — through all transactions, enabling the reduction of inventories and improved capacity utilization, including Lot Traceability to monitor performance of suppliers, engineering changes and facilitate recalls
  • Quality Control — to minimize reverse logistics, warranty repairs and other costs
  • Easy integration with computer aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD)
  • Engineering Change Control — to augment or eliminate the paper trail that traditionally accompanies changes to product design data
  • Factory Scheduling — to facilitate the management of the supply chain, from planning and execution to the identification and remediation of potential problems
  • Assets Register — to address the asset intensive nature of the industry by providing planning and control tools for capex expenditure and asset depreciation.

A special report from Vital Analysis also discusses the ability of SYSPRO ERP to meet the needs of the equipment and machinery sector. Vital Analysis President Brian Sommer writes, “SYSPRO’s offering in the machinery & equipment sector fits the bill well. It supports a variety of differing business needs in this space. More importantly, it helps all producers become operationally excellent while developing other key strategic competencies. . . The SYSPRO product line is a very complete product line for this space. It possesses, front to back, a set of applications to manage the initial customer contact through order processing, manufacturing and post-production service.”

SYSPRO ERP Choice of Rapidly Growing e-Cigarette Manufacturer

SYSPRO Selected to Facilitate Growth, Manage Manufacturing, Control Inventories, Provide Traceability at Freedom Smokeless

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that Freedom Smokeless, a manufacturer of e-cigarettes, has selected SYSPRO ERP software to facilitate growth. According to Robert Munck, CFO of the San Clemente, Calif.-based company, SYSPRO ERP will be cloud implemented in the company’s new factory where the software will manage manufacturing and facilitate bar code scanning, inventory controls and product traceability.

“Our company is rapidly growing, and we will be manufacturing in our new facility by the end of summer,” said Munck, noting, “Quickbooks, our current software, just can’t handle the manufacturing/inventory side of the business, and we are looking to SYSPRO to provide in-depth operational data, including that integrated from barcoding and lot/serial traceability. We need to track product through the system, from receiving to shipments, and control inventories, so we know when to order raw materials without having to schedule using an excel file.”

Munck adds, “We are also looking to SYSPRO ERP to assist the planning side of the business and give us visibility into available stock and what we need to make so we can lean operations and boost customer service. In addition, the SYSPRO dashboards will give our executive team the ability to concentrate on their particular disciplines as well as insight into how the company is doing at any point in time.”

Addressing the availability of SYSPRO ERP via the cloud, Munck observes, “We thought the cloud was a great solution for where we are with our business model. We can eliminate IT assistance and hardware costs, and we have the ability to go on-site when and if we want to go that route in the future. We will always be on the latest version of SYSPRO without a lot of downtime.”

About Freedom Smokeless

Freedom Smokeless, founded in 2008, specializes in providing cost-competitive, turn-key solutions for the electronic cigarette industry. All of Freedom’s components are manufactured in plants to ISO-9001 standards, including lithium-ion batteries, IC and pressure switches, electronic circuitry and tubing. Starting with the finest quality components, Freedom utilizes its two, state-of-the-art, high speed automated fill, test, QC and assembly production lines to meet the needs of its many customers. For additional information email: [email protected] or telephone: 1-800-918-5271.

SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti Interviewed

Networks Product Guide, Based in Silicon Valley, Questions Benadretti on Role of President of a High Tech Company

SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today SYSPRO ERP President Joey Benadretti expresses the leadership qualities an organization’s president must possess in an interview conducted by Network Products Guide, the Silicon Valley-based technology research and advisory guide. Networks Product Guide named SYSPRO “Innovative Company of the Year in Information Technology” in 2012.

Rake Narang, Networks Product Guide Editor-in-Chief, questioned Benadretti in the following four categories: “Which multiple hats does today’s CEO/President have to wear? What best practices can you share with tech CEOs who are early in their career? What are three tips for building a great team? What are the challenges of managing a global business? What are some of the trends you’re seeing in technology company investments this year?”

Watch the Benadretti interview Now

Of the interview, Benadretti, a co-founder of SYSPRO USA in 1987, emphasizes that his statements express his long-held management philosophy. “As the executive of a technology company, I must assume many, many roles. I cover these, my management philosophy and more in the interview.”

About Networks Product Guide

The leading technology research and advisory guide, Network Products Guide from Silicon Valley, plays a vital role in keeping decision makers and end-users informed of the choices they can make in all areas of information technology. You will discover a wealth of information and tools in this guide including the best products and services roadmaps, industry directions, technology advancements and independent product evaluations that facilitate in making the most pertinent technology decisions impacting business and personal goals. The guide follows conscientious research methodologies developed and enhanced by industry experts.

K3 Syspro Brings Mobile ERP to Life

Manufacturers and distributors from across the UK were recently given the opportunity to experience mobile ERP software first hand at an exclusive event held by K3 Syspro.

K3’s Keyless Data Entry event was held at Warwickshire’s Heritage Motor Centre last week and showcased mobile, touch, specialised, ruggedised and conventional data collection technology solutions. The occasion gave visitors a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience of the latest touch screen and mobile data entry devices to help increase shop floor productivity and efficiency, and experience for themselves how K3 is streamlining the manufacturing and production process with its innovative range of mobile ERP software.

Delegates were shown some of the cutting edge technological advancements included in K3’s own mobile ERP solution and saw how this compared with third party applications. They were then given the opportunity to get hands on with K3’s extensive range of touch devices for themselves in a designated product testing room. Also on display at the event was K3 Syspro’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution, and a sample of K3’s extensive range of touch devices.

K3’s mobile platform is one of the first of its kind to use a single source codebase to create native applications for any mobile device, with built-in powerful customisation capabilities for both the end user and developers to engage. It allows warehouse managers to manage the entire supply chain process remotely at any time, in any place.

Managing Director Andy Latham was delighted to welcome such a large number of attendees at the event. He said: “ERP is constantly evolving and the supply chain process has gained momentum over the last couple of years. Instant access to information is now crucial to warehouse managers and it was clear to see from the amount of people who attended our event that mobile ERP is really in demand.”

Phil Robson, Operations Manager at label printing and label finishing machinery suppliers AB Graphic International is an existing customer of K3 and benefitted from the event. He said: “I found the day both helpful and informative. It consolidated my belief that adding automation via wireless technology can not only add value by reducing time spent but can also eradicate many human errors.”

SYSPRO ERP Software Reviewed by

SYSPRO Called, “Energizer Bunny of ERP Software,” by Reviewer Chuck Schaeffer

SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today SYSPRO ERP has been reviewed by Chuck Schaeffer of and described as “The Energizer Bunny of ERP Software.”

Notes Schaeffer, “SYSPRO is one of those ERP software brands that just keeps chugging along…” He goes on to say, “The Company [SYSPRO] is a trusted brand, but unfortunately not a recognized brand.” Tracing the history of SYSPRO to “four years before the PC was even created,” Schaeffer says that since its founding in 1978, SYSPRO has been “quietly and steadily maturing its application and growing its customer count.”

In his review Schaeffer lists the followings as SYSPRO strengths:

  • SYSPRO focuses on target markets (Doesn’t try to be ‘all things to all companies;’)
  • SYSPRO offers customers a choice of cloud, hosted or on-premise;
  • SYSPRO is built with .NET on a Microsoft stack and uses a rules-based development environment for customization and extensibility;
  • The application is highly configurable…A SYSPRO implementation can achieve a fast time to value; SYSPRO delivers a compelling Cost of Ownership (TCO;)
  • The company supports multi-company management, multiple currencies and four languages out of the box (enabling global reach;)
  • SYSPRO is viable…it’s a profitable company with sufficient critical mass to make the necessary R&D and other investments to continue the road ahead.

The SYSPRO channel is 1500 strong, says Schaeffer, calling the channel “a mature force” which “knows manufacturing and distribution cold.”

Wrapping up his assessment of SYSPRO, Schaeffer says, “SYSPRO is a unique company offering a unique solution. It’s a company that flies under the radar for most, manages a single product and grows organically rather than by acquisition. It’s worked for over 30 years, and based on the company’s high customer retention, continued innovation and strong management team, it’s likely to continue for quite some time.”

SYSPRO Nominated for Three Britweek Business Innovation Awards

SYSPRO Entered for Technology, Service and Marketing Awards

SYSPRO,the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today that the company has been nominated for three BritWeek Business Innovation Awards in the following categories: Technology; Service; and Marketing.

The annual BritWeek Business Innovation Awards, presented by Virgin Atlantic, is open to companies doing business in the UK and California. The awards recognize business innovation in five categories: Design; Technology; Service Provision; Philanthropy; and Marketing & Communications. The winners will be announced during the awards dinner at the Four Seasons Los Angeles on April 24th, 2013.

SYSPRO was nominated in the Technology Category for the SYSPRO Quantum Architecture, a one-of-a-kind ERP architectural framework for managing today’s technology diversity, data diversity and advancing people collaboration and energy, despite change. SYSPRO Quantum Architecture targets ERP Implementation; Communications/Reporting; Workflow Processes; Security Issues; Regulatory/Financial change; and Mobile/Cloud Requirements. SYSPRO was nominated in the Service Category for its “anytime, anywhere, anyhow” approach to users who are not office bound and who require secure access to real time data. SYSPRO is available via Cloud, SaaS, or On Premise. SYSPRO technology enhances the ability of both office-bound and mobile workers to extrapolate data from central repositories in order to obtain information vital to serving present customers and obtaining new business. Called SYSPRO Espresso, the application is purpose built and leverages leading edge HTML 5, Microsoft technology and tools.

The SYSPRO Espresso architecture is one of the first platforms of its kind to use a single source codebase (for the business logic) to create native applications for any mobile device, with built-in powerful customization capabilities both for the end-user and for developers to engage.

SYSPRO was nominated in the Marketing Category for the company’s creative Einstein messaging framework that has housed more than five rounds of announcements:

  • December 2010: SYSPRO-as-a-Service + Power Process Modeling June 2011: S=MC2 (SYSPRO=Materials + Cost and Cash Management)
  • December 2011: SYSPRO Quantum Architecture June 2012: Relativity Reach — SYSPRO Point of Sale (POS) + SYSPRO App Store
  • December 2012: Einstein meets SYSPRO Espresso Mobile Solution – The Einstein framework caused a prominent systems analyst to label it “a compelling, fun, and synergistic wrapper to the sundry of technologically advanced products that SYSPRO puts out.”

SYSPRO Included Among Key Players in Healthcare, Medical ERP

SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today that the expertise of SYSPRO to accommodate the needs of “healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries” has been pointed out by ERP writer Richard Baker in his recent post, “Healthcare & Medical ERP: Major Products & Players.”

In his write up, Baker notes: “When an ERP vendor says they supply ERP software systems to the healthcare industry, it is difficult to decipher precisely what they are offering. Is it a one-size-fits-all system…or does the healthcare ERP offered cater for a specific subset of those industries?”

About SYSPRO, the first ERP vendor covered in Baker’s write up, he says: “SYSPRO provides healthcare ERP for the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry, with [individualized functionality] targeted at each industry. SYSPRO’s ERP for medical device companies encourages collaboration…and enables tracking of materials through the supply chain.

The ERP software is also built to meet quality and safety standards expected of this market.” Baker’s write up, “Healthcare & Medical ERP: Major Products & Players,” can be viewed at:

SYSPRO’s Benadretti Cited for Executive Expertise by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine

Global B2B Trade Publication Highlights Leading Supply Chain Executives; Benadretti Named to List for Fifth Year in Succession

SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today that Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, an international B2B publication that provides mission-critical editorial to address the issues and challenges of the supply chain, revealed that SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti has been named a 2013 “Pros to Know” awards winner. Joey Benadretti’s appearance on the Pros to Know list is the fifth year in succession.

Benadretti is recognized for both his executive expertise at the helm of SYSPRO USA as well as his lobbying efforts to have the US Congress pass legislation and tax incentives to grow the US manufacturing base. “As President of SYSPRO USA and also a concerned citizen, I want to make the US Government aware of our environment, our marketplace, our needs and our future,” he said, advocating new ways of applying technology to build America’s industrial base and provide a growing base of manufacturing jobs. Benadretti is a firm believer of listening to the needs of the manufacturing sectors targeted by the SYSPRO ERP offering and developing the software solutions to fill these requirements.

Benadretti was also one of the first to see the trend to “green” environments. As a result, in 2002 SYSPRO pioneered a “green” software solution for which the company was given an award by the Governor of California.

Barry Hochfelder, Editor, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, notes: “The efforts that a number of the industry’s leading executives continue to take to improve their business’s functionality and in turn, progress the global supply chain was one of the main reasons we started the ‘Pros to Know’ awards in the first place.”

Honoring the supply chain’s best and brightest, Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s “Pros to Know” include professionals proactively working to improve their business’s functions in a number of categories—including manufacturing and production output; procurement; logistics; risk mitigation strategies; sourcing; financial operations; packaging and distribution; transportation; and much more.

Now in its 13th year, the Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Pros to Know” awards recognize both ends of the supply chain. This includes honoring the “providers,” which includes individuals from software firms, service providers, consultancies or academia who helped their supply chain clients or the supply chain community prepare to meet industry challenges. This also includes honoring the “practitioners,” e.g., those supply chain executives who demonstrated leadership by managing risk in the supply chain; provided competitive advantage; and delivered value to the bottom line.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive issued a call for entries in Q4 of 2012. Beginning in January 2013, the publication’s editorial selection committee reviewed close to 400 entries to find the applicants that best fit the criteria.

About Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is the executive’s user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, utilizing hard-hitting analysis, viewpoints and unbiased case studies to steer executives and supply management professionals through the complicated, yet critical, world of supply and demand chain enablement to gain competitive advantage. Supply & Demand Chain Executive is a publication of Cygnus Business Media. Visit us on the Web at and on smart phones and tablets at

About Cygnus Business Media

Cygnus Business Media reaches millions of professionals annually. As one of America’s top business to business (B2B) media companies, Cygnus is leading the way in providing targeted content to top decision-makers and organizations. The company’s corporate initiatives and organizational architecture are built with one goal: fully engaging audiences in Aviation, Building & Construction, Public Safety & Security, Agriculture vertical markets and a variety of other industries. For more information, visit

SYSPRO Finalist for Design News Golden Mousetrap Award

SYSPRO Quantum Architecture Again Cited as Industry Leading

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that Design News has named SYSPRO a finalist for a Golden Mousetrap Award, the premier awards program for the design engineering community. SYSPRO, named a finalist in the category Design Tools: Hardware & Software, was selected for the company’s breakthrough architecture:  SYSPRO Quantum Architecture. The architecture has been the foundation of the SYSPRO ERP offering for a number of years and is further enhanced in the newest iteration of SYSPRO ERP software – SYSPRO 7.0.

“Quantum Architecture,” SYSPRO’s powerful breakthrough framework, is designed to solve problems that have plagued ERP software solutions for years and that have often crippled the ability of smaller businesses to compete effectively.

Quantum Architecture is a one-of-a-kind ERP architectural framework for managing today’s technology diversity, data diversity and advancing people collaboration and energy, despite change. SYSPRO Quantum Architecture targets six business “matters”:

  • ERP Implementation
  • Communications/Reporting
  • Workflow Processes
  • Security Issues
  • Regulatory/Financial change
  • Mobile/Cloud Requirements

SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti emphasizes that the company’s approach is very different of what its competitors are doing:  “Small and medium sized businesses are often not less sophisticated than large ones, and the margin for error is non-existent,” he says.  “We are focusing on really smart, sophisticated ERP solutions that offer better value, something very much in evidence in the about to be released SYSPRO 7.0, which has as its foundation, SYSPRO Quantum Architecture.”

“The Golden Mousetrap Awards are a longstanding tradition at Design News,” said Executive Editor Jennifer Campbell. “Each and every year we look forward to learning about new cutting-edge design ideas for design engineers, and we are happy to have companies like SYSPRO contribute their innovative technology.”

For the first time ever, the winners will be announced during a live ceremony held during the Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show in Anaheim, Calif., on Tuesday, February 12, and on following the ceremony.

SYSPRO ERP Announces its Role in the Profitable Growth of Rock Solid Supply

Rapidly Expanding Distribution Company Leverages the SYSPRO Inventory ERP to Handle Growth with Ease and Prepare for the Future Roll out of Online Sales and Electronic Data Interchange

SYSPRO, one of the longest-standing developers of ERP systems for small to mid-sized distributors worldwide, announces its key role in automating business processes and increasing efficiency at Rock Solid Supply, particularly in the area of inventory management. Rock Solid, a distributor of granite countertops and bathroom cabinets headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, was growing rapidly and turned to SYSPRO’s ERP solution to ensure that their business remained competitive and increasingly profitable. Access to accurate, real-time information has helped Rock Solid increase sales while circumventing many of the usual costs associated with growth such as inventory investment or hiring of new employees. The ability to leverage the SYSPRO ERP software out of the box made the initial phases of implementation a simple, streamlined process for the company and the distributor has since shifted to increasingly sophisticated functionality and customization. Rock Solid is now planning to shift into online sales and electronic data interchange and they look to SYSPRO to help transition them into this future phase of their business’ evolution.

Rock Solid grew into its ERP application needs. From humble beginnings the company evolved into an increasingly sophisticated business model and a more diverse product offering, enjoying growth of 30-percent to 40-percent per year. Their simplistic accounting software was not keeping pace with their growth and their ever more complex inventory requirements. Rock Solid brought in a new Operations Manager, Jason Treslove, with over 15 years experience in using and leveraging ERP systems. With his expertise in-house, the distributor was ready to shift processes and boost the efficiency of their inventory and supply chain management. After carefully weighing options, Treslove finally narrowed his selection to two ERP systems – SYSPRO ERP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. He finally settled on SYSPRO with its easy to integrate out-of-the-box functionality and its robust options, offering Rock Solid the specific modules they needed to run their distribution business, including Landed Cost Tracking, Sales Analysis by customer and product, as well as general accounting, distribution and inventory control systems. The implementation went smoothly without any outside consultants needed.

“Change can be hard, and it was important to gain the owner’s confidence,” shares Treslove. “We agreed that we needed a change to remain competitive, and that the best way to ensure our future success was to replace the old system with a fully integrated ERP. It seemed to us that SYSPRO was able to offer more features and more out-of-the box functionality. That allows a business to get up-and-running quickly, for less cost and effort. With SYSPRO, you can essentially flip the power switch and run the business. We operated for a full year out of the box, whereas NAV would have required immediate customization.”

One of the first priorities was leveraging the SYSPRO ERP inventory modules to optimize Rock Solid’s inventory system with its several hundred SKUs and products coming in from overseas with long lead times. Accurate, real-time inventory information has played a key role in reducing inventory investment, boosting operational efficiency and improving business agility on the whole. The load-planning module has allowed Rock Solid to better plan their distribution schedules thanks to automatically generated manifests that have greatly reduced the complications of setting up loads accurately and proficiently.  A custom label program built by SYSPRO has automated the creation of packing labels and improved order accuracy, dramatically reducing errors and saving the company six to eight hours of manpower a week. The next step for Rock Solid is moving towards EDI and online sales, something that SYSPRO is helping them prepare for. They are currently using the SYSPRO ERP application to move into bar-coding, the precursor to their electronic data and online expansion plans.

“As a very rough measure of ROI, during all our recent growth we’ve only needed to add one person to our administration staff,” says Treslove. “But to me, that’s not nearly as important as the fact that SYSPRO lets us keep our finger directly on the pulse of the business. We no longer need to transfer information to Excel and massage it – everything we want to know about our business is at our fingertips. SYSPRO has given us one-hundred percent confidence in our information, from order intake to final invoicing, and everything in between.”

About Rock Solid Supply

Rock Solid Supply started in 2003 as a simple one-man operation and has since grown to distribute high-quality, mass-produced granite countertops and bathroom cabinets to customers and retailers across North America. The company, headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, allows its customers to mix-and-match colours of wood product with colours of granite, and offers fixed prices with no surcharges or delivery charges. For more information visit

SYSPRO ERP Choice of Leading Herbal, Homeopathic and Nutritional Products Manufacturer

Grato Holdings Selects SYSPRO ERP to Facilitate Company Growth, Automate Procedures, Enhance Operational Efficiencies

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that Grato Holdings has chosen SYSPRO ERP software to facilitate company growth and enhance operational efficiencies and customer relations.

According to Mike Evans, Director of Operations of Woodbine, Iowa-based Grato Holdings Inc., the company’s rapid growth prompted the company to seek new software to provide better insight into company operations, automate and integrate procedures and take the rapidly growing concern to the next levels of growth.

Evans reports that the company, which had been using Excel, Word and Access, looked at both industry specific and general industry ERP solutions. However, he notes, SYSPRO was the company’s choice based on full, single-source functionality, ease-of-use and system tailorability.

Grato Holdings is looking to SYSPRO to provide superior insight into company operations, enhance inventory controls and facility forecasting. In addition, Grato Holdings also will utilize SYSPRO to automate and integrate procedures and operations, further financial management and facilitate superior Customer Relations Management (CRM).

About Grato Holdings Inc.

Grato Holdings Inc. is a homeopathic remedy, herbal product and nutritional supplement manufacturer. The company produces formulations on a contract basis for distribution and marketing companies that share a commitment to products that truly improve people’s lives.

Grato Holdings’ Apotheca subsidiary offers customized product development, manufacturing and packaging. The company both develops product concepts and is a reliable manufacturer for established product lines. Grato’s house brands include Liddell Laboratories, Peaceful Mountain, and Energique healthcare products.

Grato Holdings’ expertise in manufacturing custom homeopathic, nutritional supplements and herbal products has earned it a reputation for producing quality products while keeping customers’ needs a top priority.

SYSPRO ERP Success Ingredient for Food Manufacturers, Distributors

Specialty Food Manufacturers Attribute Savings, Growth to SYSPRO ERP Software; SYSPRO at NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show, January 20 – 22, 2013 at Moscone Center, San Francisco

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of breed, award-winning ERP software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that specialty food manufacturers and distributors have attributed savings and growth to their SYSPRO ERP implementations. In addition they voice appreciation that SYSPRO ERP software’s Lot Traceability and Visibility features, i.e., the software’s ability to trace ingredients from origin through the manufacturing process to the ultimate customer destination, not only helps them to accommodate customers who demand this capability, but to fully comply with FDA rules and regulations pertaining to food safety.

Gorant Chocolatier, Boardman, Ohio-based maker of quality chocolates, has achieved major successes utilizing SYSPRO ERP. According to Manager Mary Ann Yerage and Director of Operations Jack Peluse, SYSPRO ERP has not only enabled the company to enhance operational efficiencies, but to fully comply with FDA rules and regulations pertaining to food.

Annabelle Candy, headquartered in Hayward, California, has also realized operational improvements via utilization of SYSPRO ERP software. Vice President of Finance Shelly Craft notes, “The results [using SYSPRO software] have far exceeded our expectations.” The efficiencies and insights resulting from the utilization of SYSPRO software are also enabling the company to expand marketing efforts from a West Coast concentration to the entire USA.

Vanns Spices, a manufacturer of spices, spice blends, heirloom beans, grains and rice and flavorings, was selected a winner in the Managing Automation Media 2011 Progressive Manufacturing Awards in the category “Data & Integration Mastery.” Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Vanns sells products under the Vanns label, but the majority of the firm’s business is directed at developing and producing private label spice lines for markets, restaurants and Web sites. The company’s effective utilization of SYSPRO ERP software easily enables Vanns to employ the custom-shop type manufacturing necessary to fill numerous spice blends and private label order variations, as well as to fully comply with supermarket customers that require suppliers have the ability to do lot tracking.

Jonathan Clark, Chief Financial Officer of Honest Tea, a user of SYSPRO ERP software, was named one of ten 2010 Visionaries by leading publication, Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine ( According to CGT, “Over the past five and a half years with Honest Tea, Jonathan Clark’s most significant accomplishment was putting in place the necessary systems, procedures and personnel to allow Honest Tea Inc. to effectively manage growth. Among them was the implementation of a new ERP system from SYSPRO to better manage inventory levels.”

SYSPRO is urging Fancy Food Show attendees to visit the SYSPRO booth (3014) to learn how SYSPRO ERP software can enhance operational efficiencies, promote profits and facilitate growth.

SYSPRO ERP Selected by TRC to Drive Operational Evolution and Growth

SYSPRO, one of the longest-standing, global ERP vendors, announces the selection of its ERP solution by TRC Hydraulics Inc., one of Atlantic Canada’s largest distributors, manufacturers & service providers for technologically advanced hydraulics. As TRC grew their business rapidly, their existing system was unable to meet the new demands. With a new hire spearheading the buy of an ERP solution, the TRC team was ready to run their operations more effectively, both from a cost and resources standpoint. The SYSPRO ERP was the software that recently was chosen by TRC and is tasked with pumping up efficiency and delivering on ROI expectations.

Prior to implementing the SYSRPO ERP solution, TRC was using a 15 year old system for the sales and distribution part of their business. The company had since evolved and expanded its services to include service and repair as well as manufacturing. The business grew in sophistication and diversity and so did its software needs – their system simply was not keeping up. Revenue was strong but administration costs were growing; it was time to revisit processes and automate. TRC’s first step towards an ERP solution was hiring Martin Montplaisir as Manager of Information Technology. A former network engineer with a strong background in enterprise software and architecture, he was hired to spearhead the project and find an ERP solution that could benefit TRC in terms of ROI, efficiency and cost savings. Martin led the team to focus on the needs and wants of their particular branches. Ability to deliver on these key points is how the 10 ERP vendors under consideration were judged.

“You need to understand and identify your pains before you can begin looking at ERP solutions,” says Montplaisir. “Once you identify the pains in your organization you need to associate a cost to it. You tread a dangerous path when you simply go for the solution with the cheapest upfront costs. If the solution doesn’t deliver in areas that are crucial for your business, it could end up costing you more in the long run. Make sure that you do your due diligence and invest adequately in professional services. This will make or break your ERP experience and too many companies falter here.”

Currently the SYSPRO ERP integration is in the initial phases of being rolled out in all departments and TRC anticipates that it will be fully operational across the board by March 2013. Working closely with a SYSPRO consultant, things are running smoothly and the company continues to learn about all the different ways they will be able to leverage their new ERP solution. They will be using a large variety of modules to help with forecasting, inventory control, reporting and office automation. TRC believes that SYSRPO’s ability to gather crucial transactional data will help with trends and forecasting, giving a better customer experience. Their analytics will be able to give them the information they need about different branches, departments, and business verticals. Using this type of data insight, all gathered automatically with the new ERP solution, they will be able to further optimize their business.

“We want to shift the current mind set from reactive to proactive through data analytics. SYSPRO will give us the data we need to do that,” shares Montplaisir. “Once we have the right data, we’ll know what verticals we are healthy in and which areas might need some additional attention.”

About TRC Hydraulics

Since its inception in 1986, TRC Hydraulics Inc. has built upon its reputation for fluid power and motion control expertise to become Atlantic Canada’s largest and most technologically advanced hydraulics distributor, manufacturer & service provider. This long standing company has over 100 employees in its four Maritime branches.

SYSPRO ERP Choice of Industry Leading Supplements Manufacturer

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of breed, award-winning ERP software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that Georgia-based Private Label Nutraceuticals, an industry leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, has selected SYSPRO ERP to facilitate growth and enhance customer service.

Private Label Nutraceuticals’ rapid growth and growing customer list required the company to seek a comprehensive ERP software solution to “provide seamless, real-time information between departments, vendors, and clients,” says Kevin Harden, Vice President of Sales for Private Label Nutraceuticals.

According to Harden, “SYSPRO’s complete ERP solution will allow us to address our departments’ needs, helping to grow both our business and that of our clients. We chose SYSPRO over a dozen other ERP vendors because it best addressed our current and future requirements with a cost-effective, scalable solution.”

About Private Label Nutraceuticals

Private Label Nutraceuticals is an industry leader in supplements manufacturing, assisting our clients in each step of developing their brand, from concept to distribution. Tracking the latest industry trends allows us to offer an extensive list of stock products, available either as our in-house brand or labeled with your brand.

Private Label Nutraceuticals can also formulate custom products to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our comprehensive services also include custom formulation development, quality control testing, graphic design support, packaging procurement and label creation, marketing support, and both domestic and international fulfillment services. For more info, please visit

SYSPRO Announces New Scalable ERP Release

SYSPRO 7 Now Delivered to SYSPRO Partner Community; Will Be Generally Available in 2013

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning ERP software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that SYSPRO 7 will be available for general market release in 2013. SYSPRO 7 is all about adapting to the growth requirements of organizations by giving them the scalability, mobility, and enhanced performance they require in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. In keeping with SYSPRO’s collaborative approach, the new ERP solution is currently in “community preview” to SYSPRO resellers and partners. The announcement was made here at the company’s Winter 2012 analyst roadshow before 32 leading technology analysts.

“SYSPRO, as a privately held company with 100% of our focus on satisfying our customer and reseller community (as opposed to the investment community), ensures that our priorities and people are all about achieving customer satisfaction and delivering a high quality solution at a high-return price point”

For more than 30 years, SYSPRO ERP solutions have been known as the “go-to” solution for global mid-market manufacturing organizations requiring a more targeted, better value choice than currently available from industry giants. With each successive release, SYSPRO has demonstrated to industry veterans that its highly flexible and customizable full suite of ERP solutions provides substantial productivity and business growth advantages.

“SYSPRO, as a privately held company with 100% of our focus on satisfying our customer and reseller community (as opposed to the investment community), ensures that our priorities and people are all about achieving customer satisfaction and delivering a high quality ERP solution at a high-return price point,” explains Phil Duff, CEO, SYSPRO. “We have an enviable track record in the ERP market by providing manufacturing organizations globally with the flexibility and customizability they need to differentiate themselves. The release of SYSPRO 7 is the next evolution of our commitment to helping our clients make their business more agile.

“SYSPRO knows what it takes to survive and thrive, we are able to innovate and deliver the market’s very best ERP solutions, and our newest products like SYPSRO 7 continually reflect the changing times, empowering our customers to simply adopt and embrace those new technologies determined by market trends and conditions,” further explains Duff.

Leveraging the company’s award-winning flexibility and customization capabilities delivered previously for user roles in Release 6.1, SYSPRO is now expanding its powerful user interface (UI) capabilities. Styled along the lines of Windows 8, SYSPRO 7 brings active tiles and touch capabilities to its enterprise UI, enabling manufacturers and distributors to easily create tailor-fit environments for their SYSPRO solution that will feel and operate with all the advantages of a home-built solution – without the maintenance and upgrade disadvantages.

To support large-scale customization for businesses, the new UI also enables enterprise-wide modifications and themes. The new industry layouts can be particularly helpful for corporate alignment within specific vertical industries, of which the SYSPRO solution is well known for having additional expertise in the food, medical devices, machinery/equipment, electronics and pharmaceuticals/chemicals markets.

Recognizing the necessity among mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies for faster performance, capacity and volume requirements, SYSPRO 7 provides powerful processing for higher transactional throughput whilst building on SYSPRO’s commitment to being scalable for small through to large enterprises. SYSPRO 7’s mobile platform will also enable easy, anywhere access, and improved reporting capabilities including remote report generation.

Using a cloud infrastructure, SYSPRO’s Software + Services deploy methodology will enable SYSPRO 7 to be installed easily and remotely with just one click, and allow organizations to run SYSPRO in a WAN/LAN environment efficiently whilst also providing greater control over security and firewall settings across the network and/or Internet.

“For years, one of the strongest recurring statements by our customers has been that SYSPRO solutions seem like they’ve been purpose-built for each customer. With the new SYSPRO 7 capabilities, companies will now be able to gain even more productivity improvements for widest-possible employee use. We are always looking to help our customers achieve the very best bottom line results possible using our ERP system,” concludes Brian Stein, CEO of SYSPRO USA.

The SYSPRO solution has received multiple industry and technology validations and awards over its successful 30-year history. Most recently, Technology Evaluation Centers certified the SYSPRO ERP solution in 2012 and praised the company’s support for “real world business processes.”

According to TEC Research Analyst, Aleksey Osintsev, “The SYSPRO software can be a worthy acquisition for small and medium manufacturing and distribution companies operating in multiple vertical industry sectors, and especially those whose business is more complex, requires multistage processes and includes multi-site production, delivery and customer service. SYSPRO ERP software can also be a valuable asset for companies that need a highly detailed and dynamic business process modeling instrument in order to precisely understand their business, determine directions for improvement and easily align them together.”

SYSPRO Launches ERP Mobile Solution For Mid-Market Manufacturers

Optimized, Multi-Device Anywhere/Anytime Access Supports On-the-Go Workforce

SYSPRO, a developer of award-winning ERP software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today the availability of SYSPRO Espresso mobile platform for mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. The new mobile solution is purpose built and leverages leading edge HTML 5, Microsoft technology and tools. The announcement was made here today at the company’s Winter 2012 analyst roadshow before 32 leading technology analysts. SYSPRO Espresso applications are available from the SYSPRO App Store.

SYSPRO Espresso is targeted at executives who require immediate access to c-level information as well as all users who are not office bound and who require secure access to real time data. The SYSPRO Espresso architecture is one of the first platforms of its kind to use a single source codebase (for the business logic) to create native applications for any mobile device, with built-in powerful customization capabilities both for the end-user and for developers to engage.

SYSPRO supports multiple mobile and desktop devices, provides easy user customization and an easy growth and change strategy via its component-based Quantum Architecture. The company has a strong mid-market presence with 14,500 customers and value-add industry expertise in the food, medical devices, machinery and equipment, electronics and pharmaceuticals/chemical sectors.

New Partnership Boosts Inventory Accuracy and Reduces Warehouse Costs with SYSPRO ERP

K3 Syspro is proud to announce a new partnership with custom software developers RiteSoft to sell and market their latest warehouse management product riteSCAN, which integrates seamlessly with K3’s market-leading SYSPRO ERP solution.

The latest riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO software module makes light work of managing inventories, receiving purchase orders and picking orders and complements the powerful inventory management features of SYSPRO.

“riteSCAN is a breakthrough ERP software product that improves warehouse operations for SYSPRO ERP users. This new product is built using Microsoft .NET and Windows Mobile technologies, so that it is fully compatible with SYSPRO. Barcode technology has long been recognized as a key enabler in improving supply chain management and we are pleased to be able to provide our customers with an ERP software product that makes it quick and easy to implement,” says Andy Latham, Managing Director, K3 Syspro.

In keeping with SYSPRO’s intuitive approach, riteSCAN users require minimum training and because the software is developed specifically for seamless integration with the ERP software, the implementation time is minimized, which prevents major disruption. Like all K3 Syspro software products, riteSCAN users will have the advantage of the company’s renowned support to ensure they gain maximum benefit from their investment

Straight out of the box, the system begins to save customers money as it provides fast, real-time transaction processing. Data entry direct from barcode labels is quick and accurate, eliminating the problems associated with manual data entry and transcribing notes from paper documentation. Once scanned the information flows through to SYSPRO in real-time to update its central database.

riteSCAN includes a wide range of labour-saving features. These include lot and serial traceability using barcodes, real-time inventory querying directly on the handheld, monitoring live movement of products within the warehouse from stock location to despatch, fast and accurate stocktaking, the ability to adjust stock quantities directly from the warehouse floor and automated sales order picking. The system updates and validates purchase order receipts automatically to ensure they are accurate and it automates the process of issuing and receipting jobs for warehouse operatives.

SYSPRO ERP Receives Technology Evaluation Centers Certification

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning ERP software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that the SYSPRO ERP solution has received certifications from Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC). The certifications are verification by an independent, third-party analyst firm that SYSPRO ERP supports “real-world business processes.”

According to TEC Research Analyst, Aleksey Osintsev, “The SYSPRO software can be a worthy acquisition for small and medium manufacturing and distribution companies operating in multiple vertical industry sectors, and especially those whose business is more complex, requires multistage processes and includes multi-site production, delivery and customer service. SYSPRO ERP software can also be a valuable asset for companies that need a highly detailed and dynamic business process modeling instrument in order to precisely understand their business, determine directions for improvement and easily align them together.”

The TEC Certification Reports go on to state: “Overall, SYSPRO’s go-to-market strategy is focused on doing three things best: material management, cost management and cash management. These three areas, in fact, provide general coverage for all the major ERP system requirements of SMBs – current inventory, its cost and the current cash flow. SYSPRO is designed to address these questions, along with many other business challenges.”

The TEC Certification Reports highlight the factors differentiating SYSPRO from its competitors. These include:

  • Vertical market expertise in the manufacturing of food, medical devices, electronics, machinery and equipment and chemicals and pharmaceuticals;
  • Unique micro-vertical ERP solutions for many industries;
  • An in-depth focus on customer relationships and the Quantum Architecture concept of helping clients with building an efficient multi-dimensional company structure.

The TEC reports go on to cover the SYSPRO “Quantum Architecture” concept of helping clients with building an efficient multi-dimensional company structure that includes a multi-source, single repository architectural map, data collaboration modeling, pre-configured ERP system and process models and embedded role-based reporting and performance measurement.

SYSPRO Ease of Use, Workflow Design, Ease of Implementation and Innovation are other areas highlighted in the TEC certification reports, which are based on live demonstrations of SYSPRO ERP software presented by SYSPRO officers and solution engineers.

The Analyst Summary at the close of the Discrete Manufacturing Certification Report notes: “TEC’s review and analysis of data on SYSPRO ERP functionality shows that this ERP software’s overall rating score is higher than its average competitor’s score in the ERP for discrete manufacturing space. This means that the SYSPRO product supports more out-of-the-box features and functions than an average competitor.”

To access the TEC reports on SYSPRO ERP for multiple manufacturing modes, please click on the link below:

About Technology Evaluation Centers

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) helps private- and public-sector organizations choose the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business needs – quickly, impartially and cost-effectively.

SYSPRO ERP User Windings Helps to Land Curiosity Rover on Mars

Windings Component Instrumental in Safely Lowering Curiosity to Surface of Red Planet

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that Windings, a manufacturer of custom electric motor and generator components and a user of SYSPRO ERP software since 1998, is the producer of a key component of the sky crane’s braking system that safely lowered Curiosity to the Red Planet for the rover’s explanatory journey of the Mars landscape.

While smaller rovers of past Mars mission have utilized airbag landing systems, the size of Curiosity necessitated the utilization of a special landing system to provide a soft landing for the huge vehicle.

According to Windings President and CEO Jerry Kauffman, this was not the first time that a Windings-built component has been instrumental in assisting in the exploration of planets, as well as the earth’s nearest neighbor, the moon. However, he did indicate that the Curiosity mission is the first time a Windings component has been utilized in the braking system of a device to safely land a large, mobile instrument package on the surface of a planet.

Windings, which is based in New Ulm, MN, has utilized SYSPRO ERP software since 1998. Prior to that time, Windings had been utilizing an IBM System 36, which lacked the flexibility to deal with the mixed-mode manufacturing operations utilized by Windings to produce both standard and custom electromagnetic motors, generators and sub-assemblies for numerous industrial uses, including factory automation, renewable energy, automotive, medical, defense and aerospace.

According to SYSPRO USA President, Joey Benadretti, “Congratulations to Windings for helping to land Curiosity safely on Mars and, more importantly, for helping to further man’s quest to explore distant planets and add significantly to our body of scientific knowledge. It’s gratifying to think that SYSRO ERP played a small role in helping produce the essential, critical Windings component that facilitated Curiosity’s safe landing.”

Windings is exemplary of how Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) grow their businesses using ERP software that enables process standardization, reveals untapped efficiencies, reduces costs and provides managers with insights that contribute to informed decision making.

About Windings, Inc.

Windings Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in New Ulm, Minnesota, U.S.A., with production facilities located in New Ulm and Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.

Windings Inc. was established in New Ulm in 1965 by J.W. McKinney. Upon McKinney’s retirement in 1983, Windings Inc. was sold to Roger D. Ryberg, the Company’s current Chairman. In 1989, 1991 and 2005 the New Ulm facility was enlarged and upgraded for added operations. Also in 1991, Windings Inc. formed a relationship with Windtech, Inc. in Agua Prieta to further expand its manufacturing capacity and provide greater flexibility in the pricing and delivery of finished assemblies.

In 1998, Windings Inc. formed an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) for a planned purchase and transition of Company stock to the employees of Windings. The higher sense of responsibility that comes with employee ownership has made Windings even more responsive to customer needs and encourages innovation to bring greater value to its customers. In 2008, the company became 100% employee-owned.

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