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SYSPRO, the leading global supplier of on-premise, cloud and mobile Business ERP Software for manufacturers and distributors, announced today that the expertise of SYSPRO to accommodate the needs of “healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries” has been pointed out by ERP writer Richard Baker in his recent post, “Healthcare & Medical ERP: Major Products & Players.”

In his write up, Baker notes: “When an ERP vendor says they supply ERP software systems to the healthcare industry, it is difficult to decipher precisely what they are offering. Is it a one-size-fits-all system…or does the healthcare ERP offered cater for a specific subset of those industries?”

About SYSPRO, the first ERP vendor covered in Baker’s write up, he says: “SYSPRO provides healthcare ERP for the medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry, with [individualized functionality] targeted at each industry. SYSPRO’s ERP for medical device companies encourages collaboration…and enables tracking of materials through the supply chain.

The ERP software is also built to meet quality and safety standards expected of this market.” Baker’s write up, “Healthcare & Medical ERP: Major Products & Players,” can be viewed at: