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SYSPRO ERP Now Offers Functionalities Seen as “Two Years” Away by Asuret Inc. CEO

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that according to statements made by Michael Krigsman, CEO of Asuret, Inc., in a recently published Inside-ERP brief, SYSPRO today contains all the characteristics that will be offered by ERP solution providers in two years. In “Future Tech: Where Will ERP Be in 2 Years?” Krigsman states that “ERP of the future promises to be simplified, more accessible and easier to use…” He goes on to say that “. . . ERP must become more simplified, both in terms of the deployment of the system and aligning it with an organization’s business processes.”

According to Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA, SYSPRO was the first ERP vendor to develop an ERP implementation methodology that not only speeds the implementation process, but which also enables organizations to streamline their business processes during the implementation of SYSPRO ERP. “The reasons so many ERP implementations fail is that ERP software providers try to lay the new software over existing business processes rather than streamlining them to enhance operational functionalities,” he says, adding that the SYSPRO Implementation Methodology is the winner of numerous awards. “Furthermore,” he says, “SYSPRO Business Process Modeling also enables companies to reconfigure their business processes when new functionalities are required to maximize efficiencies.”

In the Inside-ERP article, Krigsman predicts, “. . . the user experience will quickly change, too, to both simplify ERP and make it easier to use. User interfaces (UIs) are likely to also become more finely grained and tailored to user roles and user groups….”

Benadretti notes that SYSPRO was the first ERP solution provider to offer additional ways to customize the SYSPRO software User Interface to further efficiency and security. “The SYSPRO Fluid Interface Design, which was introduced more than three years ago, gives users unprecedented customization and control abilities over virtually every aspect of the desktop user interface. In addition, SYSPRO also offers the ability for system administrators to control the customization of the SYSPRO User Interface (UI) by applying roles to operators. Layouts can be designed per role and apply to any docking pane, entry or display form, list view, data grid and SYSPRO Office Integration (SOI) search results.”

Looking to two years in the future, Krigsman notes, “Vendors will continue to produce more advanced analytics tools that will help companies have better, faster access to the increasingly vast amounts of data that ERP systems collect.”

Benadretti points to SYSPRO’s embrace of .NET and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to extend the functionality of SYSPRO ERP.

A final point that Krigsman sees for the future is “the greening of ERP.”

According to Benadretti, SYSPRO’s foray into “green” occurred more than ten years ago when the company developed the SYSPRO Material Yield System to enable SYSPRO software users dealing in cut-shapes to return metal, pipe and tube scraps to inventories, saving them from landfills and also allowing the companies to profit by using the scraps to fill future orders. SYSPRO was cited by the Governor of the State of California for the Material Yield System.

Most recently, SYSPRO developed SYSPRO Project Green Enable, establishing a series of “green” programs across three dimensions: Energy Efficiency; Waste Reduction; Recyclable/Re-Use of Resources and Energy Efficiency. SYSPRO Energy Efficiency initiatives are among the industry’s most cost-saving.

Benadretti points to the numerous awards SYSPRO has received for “green” enabling SYSPRO ERP, the most recent being designation as a member of OC Metro Magazine’s Green Team, a compilation of 25 Orange County, Calif.-located business organizations that have developed “green” practices.

About Michael Krigsman

Michael Krigsman is CEO of Asuret, Inc., a consulting company dedicated to reducing technology implementation failures. Asuret’s suite of software tools improves the success rate of enterprise software deployments by quantifying and measuring governance issues that cause most project failures. Michael led the research effort underlying Asuret’s model of collective intelligence and its practical application to reducing IT failures in consulting environments. He is a recognized authority on the causes and prevention of IT failures and is frequently quoted in the press on IT project and related CIO issues. He is considered an enterprise software industry “influencer” and provides advice to technology buyers, vendors, and services firms.

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