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Samuel Strapping Meets Customer Demand, Facilitates “Green” While Reducing Inventory Levels. SYSPRO ERP, Preactor Scheduling Produce “Inventory Modulation”

SYSPRO, a global, independent developer of ERP software, announced today that Samuel Strapping Systems, manufacturer and supplier of steel and plastic strapping, hand tools, edge protection, stretch film equipment and consumables, as well as standard and custom engineered unitizing equipment, has revealed that SYSPRO ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has enabled the company to reduce inventories by $2 million while still meeting customer demand. In addition, Samuel Strapping revealed how SYSPRO ERP is also enabling the company to adopt “green” practices.

Patrick Hoffmann, Director of Inventory and Operational Analysis, reports that the effectiveness of SYSPRO Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) was initially proven in a study conducted by his company. “Samuel Strapping installed SYSPRO MRP in one of the company’s two plastic plants and did a comparison of the operational effectiveness of both plants. The plant using MRP was better able to maintain inventory levels and meet customer demands despite demand fluctuation.” Hoffmann explains, “Due to the seasonal nature of our products, demand can exceed inventory levels. However, by targeting an inventory level steady around the mean and adjusting production levels, a process we call ‘inventory modulation,’ we maintain steady inventory levels while maintaining delivery schedules.”

Hoffmann also relates how SYSPRO MRP also facilitates “lean” manufacturing at the Samuel Strapping steel plant. “We get our inventory forecasts from SYSPRO ERP and enter them into Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software. The latter runs the figures through a model of the plant based on capacity constraints and inventory target levels, creating a demand scenario, which is then fed into SYSPRO MRP. SYSPRO MRP then creates jobs which are then sent back to the APS software for production line scheduling. The APS software has the ability to tweak dates, which are then fed back into SYSPRO WIP (Work in Process) to align dates and production quantities. For example, the first two months of the year, we had demand exceed capacity by two thousand tons, but due to the just noted process we were still able to meet demand while running on much leaner inventory levels than we ever had in the past.”

Hoffmann says that SYSPRO not only facilitates lean production, but also green practices. “We used to create a paper trail at our plants….now, using bar coding, we no longer have paper following each job…it’s all electronic,” he says. “The data is accumulated on PCs on the shop floor and fed directly into SYSPRO ERP, eliminating all paper on the shop floor. We also input all test results electronically on the shop floor, feeding the quality specs and steel characteristics via bar codes directly into the SYSPRO UniPoint quality system. We’ve eliminated the tons of paper that would follow every single one of our master coils accumulating the specs…”

Comments SYSPRO USA President Joey Benadretti, “Samuel Strapping exemplifies the ways in which a manufacturer can leverage SYSPRO ERP software to approach model plant status, leveraging the software, as it were, to achieve both ‘lean’ and ‘green’ practices.”


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