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Grato Holdings Selects SYSPRO ERP to Facilitate Company Growth, Automate Procedures, Enhance Operational Efficiencies

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, today announced that Grato Holdings has chosen SYSPRO ERP software to facilitate company growth and enhance operational efficiencies and customer relations.

According to Mike Evans, Director of Operations of Woodbine, Iowa-based Grato Holdings Inc., the company’s rapid growth prompted the company to seek new software to provide better insight into company operations, automate and integrate procedures and take the rapidly growing concern to the next levels of growth.

Evans reports that the company, which had been using Excel, Word and Access, looked at both industry specific and general industry ERP solutions. However, he notes, SYSPRO was the company’s choice based on full, single-source functionality, ease-of-use and system tailorability.

Grato Holdings is looking to SYSPRO to provide superior insight into company operations, enhance inventory controls and facility forecasting. In addition, Grato Holdings also will utilize SYSPRO to automate and integrate procedures and operations, further financial management and facilitate superior Customer Relations Management (CRM).

About Grato Holdings Inc.

Grato Holdings Inc. is a homeopathic remedy, herbal product and nutritional supplement manufacturer. The company produces formulations on a contract basis for distribution and marketing companies that share a commitment to products that truly improve people’s lives.

Grato Holdings’ Apotheca subsidiary offers customized product development, manufacturing and packaging. The company both develops product concepts and is a reliable manufacturer for established product lines. Grato’s house brands include Liddell Laboratories, Peaceful Mountain, and Energique healthcare products.

Grato Holdings’ expertise in manufacturing custom homeopathic, nutritional supplements and herbal products has earned it a reputation for producing quality products while keeping customers’ needs a top priority.