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Rapidly Expanding Distribution Company Leverages the SYSPRO Inventory ERP to Handle Growth with Ease and Prepare for the Future Roll out of Online Sales and Electronic Data Interchange

SYSPRO, one of the longest-standing developers of ERP systems for small to mid-sized distributors worldwide, announces its key role in automating business processes and increasing efficiency at Rock Solid Supply, particularly in the area of inventory management. Rock Solid, a distributor of granite countertops and bathroom cabinets headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, was growing rapidly and turned to SYSPRO’s ERP solution to ensure that their business remained competitive and increasingly profitable. Access to accurate, real-time information has helped Rock Solid increase sales while circumventing many of the usual costs associated with growth such as inventory investment or hiring of new employees. The ability to leverage the SYSPRO ERP software out of the box made the initial phases of implementation a simple, streamlined process for the company and the distributor has since shifted to increasingly sophisticated functionality and customization. Rock Solid is now planning to shift into online sales and electronic data interchange and they look to SYSPRO to help transition them into this future phase of their business’ evolution.

Rock Solid grew into its ERP application needs. From humble beginnings the company evolved into an increasingly sophisticated business model and a more diverse product offering, enjoying growth of 30-percent to 40-percent per year. Their simplistic accounting software was not keeping pace with their growth and their ever more complex inventory requirements. Rock Solid brought in a new Operations Manager, Jason Treslove, with over 15 years experience in using and leveraging ERP systems. With his expertise in-house, the distributor was ready to shift processes and boost the efficiency of their inventory and supply chain management. After carefully weighing options, Treslove finally narrowed his selection to two ERP systems – SYSPRO ERP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. He finally settled on SYSPRO with its easy to integrate out-of-the-box functionality and its robust options, offering Rock Solid the specific modules they needed to run their distribution business, including Landed Cost Tracking, Sales Analysis by customer and product, as well as general accounting, distribution and inventory control systems. The implementation went smoothly without any outside consultants needed.

“Change can be hard, and it was important to gain the owner’s confidence,” shares Treslove. “We agreed that we needed a change to remain competitive, and that the best way to ensure our future success was to replace the old system with a fully integrated ERP. It seemed to us that SYSPRO was able to offer more features and more out-of-the box functionality. That allows a business to get up-and-running quickly, for less cost and effort. With SYSPRO, you can essentially flip the power switch and run the business. We operated for a full year out of the box, whereas NAV would have required immediate customization.”

One of the first priorities was leveraging the SYSPRO ERP inventory modules to optimize Rock Solid’s inventory system with its several hundred SKUs and products coming in from overseas with long lead times. Accurate, real-time inventory information has played a key role in reducing inventory investment, boosting operational efficiency and improving business agility on the whole. The load-planning module has allowed Rock Solid to better plan their distribution schedules thanks to automatically generated manifests that have greatly reduced the complications of setting up loads accurately and proficiently.  A custom label program built by SYSPRO has automated the creation of packing labels and improved order accuracy, dramatically reducing errors and saving the company six to eight hours of manpower a week. The next step for Rock Solid is moving towards EDI and online sales, something that SYSPRO is helping them prepare for. They are currently using the SYSPRO ERP application to move into bar-coding, the precursor to their electronic data and online expansion plans.

“As a very rough measure of ROI, during all our recent growth we’ve only needed to add one person to our administration staff,” says Treslove. “But to me, that’s not nearly as important as the fact that SYSPRO lets us keep our finger directly on the pulse of the business. We no longer need to transfer information to Excel and massage it – everything we want to know about our business is at our fingertips. SYSPRO has given us one-hundred percent confidence in our information, from order intake to final invoicing, and everything in between.”

About Rock Solid Supply

Rock Solid Supply started in 2003 as a simple one-man operation and has since grown to distribute high-quality, mass-produced granite countertops and bathroom cabinets to customers and retailers across North America. The company, headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, allows its customers to mix-and-match colours of wood product with colours of granite, and offers fixed prices with no surcharges or delivery charges. For more information visit