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Unit4, a fast growing leader in enterprise applications for service organizations, today announced that Swiss Education Group has signed a five-year contract for the new Unit4 Student Management cloud solution.

SEG is an alliance of Switzerland’s leading Hotel Management Schools, with five schools spread over seven campuses, attended by over 6,500 students each year. SEG is offering a variety of high quality bachelor and master programs in hospitality with specializations including tourism, culinary, design and events, all in partnership with universities in the UK or USA.

SEG’s digital strategy aims to transform the educational experience for students, bringing the latest technological advances to the classroom and aligning education with the realities of the industry today.

Choosing Unit4 Student Management fits right into this strategy. Unit4 Student Management is delivered cloud-first and is based on a “touch-first” philosophy, meaning all functions were developed to be mobile accessible, then built out to fit desktop use as well. As a result, students can interact with their school– send applications, access student records, pay tuition, and communicate with administration and faculty– completely via their preferred device or smartphones. While back office users typically employ desktop systems, administrative staff and faculty can just as easily work on tablets or smartphones.

An intuitive interface built for today’s mobile user applies the same concepts users have come to expect from consumer technology, while a unique workflow engine automates manual, routine tasks in bulk, empowering staff to spend more time on higher-value activities. With built-in analytics, every administrative user can easily analyze and demonstrate improvement on key institutional metrics.

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