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UNIT4, the global leader in software that supports business change, today announced that Swansea University is to implement UNIT4 Campus. The University expects the sector-focussed back office technology solution to facilitate the institution’s continual pursuit for world-leading, globally collaborative and internationally recognized research.

UNIT4 Campus will be implemented and integrated across multiple functions at the institution. Core components include Agresso Research Costing and Pricing, Agresso Graduate Progression, Agresso Finance, and Agresso Human Resources and Payroll. In replacing disparate back-office and manual systems the University expects UNIT4 Campus to help it improve accuracy and visibility of valuable data, drive efficiencies, reduce costs, facilitate better services to the campus community and adapt to sector change more easily.

“We are highly ambitious in our pursuit of research growth and excellence,” said Iwan Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at Swansea University. “As such we will need to scale our operations and adapt our strategy along the way. With the flexibility of UNIT4 Campus, and by holding information in one place, we will have a more portable operating model which can come with us on this journey of superb research and education.”

By integrating the solution Swansea will be able to take advantage of the value that comes from extending business processes across different functions. UNIT4’s CRM, which is already used at the University, will link customer information to finance information held in Agresso Finance which can receive and feed information into Agresso Research Costing and Pricing. This will enable business developers, finance managers and academics, with minimal effort, to view customer details, finances and project information to provide continuity to research relationships, operations and research costing and pricing.

Swansea University is also the first institution to take advantage of Agresso Graduate Progression. Unique to UNIT4, Agresso Graduate Progression is an easy-to-use solution for academics/supervisors and faculty administrators to manage the progression of post-graduate students through universities. The solution provides detailed information on post-graduates’ progress and brings added value to the students by making sure they are managed using good practice principles.

“Just looking at what Swansea has achieved over the last few years in terms of research, and its on-going investment in infrastructure, is incredible and we are delighted to be part of the journey,” said Anwen Robinson, Managing Director of UNIT4 in the UK. “We work with hundreds of post-16 education institutions here in the UK and across the globe. The message they bring to us is clear – they need the right technological infrastructure to help them address sector change and make a tangible contribution to better research and educational services – we are committed to supporting this.”

This latest news further unites Swansea University and UNIT4. Both organizations recently announced a strategic business partnership centred on Spin (Swansea Paid Internship Network), a wider Swansea University initiative which aims to find paid work placements for 50 second year students.

“We have been a customer of UNIT4 for many years and we are working closer than ever to share our knowledge, innovation and experience for the benefit of Wales and the sector worldwide,” said Davies.