Successful ERP implementation and organizational change management projects require a strong focus on business performance improvement. Business Performance Improvement demands that your core business processes be optimized for efficiency and are aligned to company goals. This will ensure maximum visibility and control, while also producing immediate and lasting improvements.

Optimized and Aligned Processes Require:

  • Processes aligned to strategic focus and goals
  • Ground truth process visibility
  • Quantified business value
  • Productivity impact driving top-line revenue and cost reduction
  • Customer value and service focus
  • Deploy technologies that drive your most critical process with automated workflows and integrated data that support increased throughput, consistently high-quality delivery, and timely and effective decision-making.

Enabling Technology Means:

  • Designed to identify and improved process capability
  • Vendor-neutral and selected on the basis of business value
  • Staged for execution in rapid ROI phases
  • Focused on customer value and productivity gains via data and workflow integration.

A High-Performance Organization Encompasses:

  • A process-based, vertically and horizontally aligned goal system
  • Optimized organizational structure and authority relationships
  • Fact-and accountability-based performance management
  • Clear understanding of company direction and goals
  • Design your organization to excel, with coordinated and focused action across functions and levels, and with the leadership, structure and incentives to reliably generate high performance

This criteria set is at the forefront of Panorama’s ERP implementation and organizational change management projects. Our experienced consultants, together with our proven methods and fresh thinking, will utilize this methodology to help organizations meet even the most challenging goals.

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