You just developed the greatest thing since sliced bread! Customers are beating down the door, and everything looks rosy! But along the way, you somehow forgot that all that order taking, manufacturing, shipping and receiving, financial transactions and reporting require business software!

And not just any ‘ole software will do. Of course, you know there are pieces and parts that can be purchased for at little to no cost. But then there is that nagging feeling that they won’t talk to each other. And what about all that repetitive data entry? If the data is not integrated, you’ll be loading the same information into each software package. Then it hits you. You don’t have enough people to do that!

You are the Perfect Candidate for ERP Software

“Sure sounds great, but I can’t afford that. I’m a start up and cash is tight. I know I will grow, but how soon? I don’t think I need all that functionality. There is just a few of us running the show today.”

I say it again; you are the perfect candidate for an ERP software package. In fact, you can’t afford not to have one. When the customer orders start rolling in and the production schedule is overwhelming, it will be too late. When you don’t have a solid supply chain in place and you can’t produce your product in time for shipment, it will be too late. When receivables are out of control and you can’t make your payroll or pay vendors, it will be too late.

Most start up companies and small businesses know how to prepare a business plan. They worry about initial investments and they try to prepare themselves for success and many times failure. What they forget to worry about is the long-term management of a successful start up that will eventually start spiraling out of control. Prepare yourself now so your lack of supply is not overshadowed by your inability to meet customer demand. When the opportunity knocks, you want to ready.

You may be right; perhaps you don’t need all that functionality today, but what about tomorrow? Software, or the lack of it, can make or break a great new company. And you want the best for the idea you spent years developing. You want to be able to sustain long-term growth and operational success.

There are dozens of ERP vendors that provide real solutions for the needs you have today and the demands you will have tomorrow. They can grow with you, share in your success and help prepare you to become the entrepreneur you always thought you were going to be. There are ERP software packages with full functionality that require nothing more than Internet connectivity. There are packages that can start in the “cloud” and move into an on-premise solution. There are ERP solutions that are designed specifically for your industry and those that can be configured to your specific needs. And guess what – you can afford it today and you don’t need to wait until tomorrow.

So Where Do You Turn?

Now is the perfect time to select ERP software that is designed around small business growth or your industry. Now is the time to think long-term and prepare for tomorrow. But be sure you partner with the ideal ERP vendor, make sure the ERP system is right for your short-term and long-term business goals and functional requirements.

You have an accountant, a lawyer, and most likely a trusted advisor. They have all helped guide you through the early years of product development, launch, and growth. Technology is no different. You need professional help from a software selection expert. An ERP selection consultant will help you sort through your requirements, locate suitable ERP vendors, and put you on the path of sustainable growth and success. Just like your accountant or lawyer, they bring years of experience. The can help in selecting, negotiating, and even implementing the ERP software. They understand your growing pains, your unique requirements and even the emotional impact of making such a big decision. They are part of the team that has a common goal of making your small business a success.

If this scenario sounds like your business, the ERP selection professionals at Panorama Consulting Group would like to hear from you. We have a service offering specific to smaller businesses. We are here to help you step out and move forward!

Blog entry written by Jeanne Hedman, an ERP Consultant at Panorama Consulting Group.

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