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On Thursday, Panorama will issue its latest independent report, the 2011 Guide to ERP Vendors and Systems. With research culled from more than 1,600 responses over five years, the survey compares information about ERP implementation durations, costs, payback periods and benefits across all tiers of vendors and presents metrics regarding vendor market share and sales by industry.


Key findings include:

  • Rankings within Tier I implementations did not change substantially compared to the 2010 ERP Vendor Analysis Report, but each of the top three vendors showed a drop in market share.

ERP Vendor Market Share

  • Tier III vendors have the lowest average project cost ($1.1. million) and the shortest overall payback time, with 76-percent of their paybacks clocking in at less than three years. And while Tier III vendors have the shortest average implementation duration (12 months),  they also have the largest average percentage of duration overruns (62.2.-percent).
  • Tier III vendors captured the lion’s share of the market in the under $25 million category and the $25 to $50 million category and beat out Oracle, Microsoft an Tier II vendors (combined) to rank as the second choice (behind SAP) in the $50 to $100 million market.
  • Respondents who had implemented Tier III solutions rated themselves as “satisfied” or “very satisfied” only  31.3-percent of the time. In contrast, 42.3-percent of Tier I clients and a full 50-percent of Tier II clients reached similar levels of satisfaction.

The above is just a taste of the data included in the study. Check the Industry Reports section of our website on Thursday morning to download the full 2011 Guide to ERP Systems and Vendors and don’t miss Thursday’s free webinar, Understanding the Differences Between Leading ERP Software Vendors, which will discuss its findings in greater detail.