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Waste Management and Renewable Energy: Waste to Energy

We help reduce the environmental, health and economic impacts of waste on your community while providing alternate sources of energy.

The solutions you use for waste management have a direct impact on your community. Some options are more favorable than others, and no single solution by itself will solve the global energy and garbage problem. At Panorama, we focus on finding the most environmentally-conscious and cost-efficient solution for your community by providing the tools and expertise to enable source reduction and reuse.

In developing countries, waste is increasingly viewed as a strategic resource of energy due to the increasing costs of landfills and tightening regulations. Many municipalities in developing economies are pressured to find a sustainable solution, and the focus has shifted to building the basic infrastructure in the face of rapid urbanization which has led to fragmented municipal solutions that are not part of a national program.The challenge of waste management and energy projects is that a country cannot solve the problem without having a National Power Strategy and multiple technologies available to balance out all the resources, energy load projections, power stability and a complete grid study. Many small technology companies offer just one solution to address this diverse and complex problem.

By implementing the right mix of technologies, your municipality and country can repurpose waste into resources that contribute to a cleaner and more enjoyable life for your citizens. Our team understands the complexities of various waste-to-energy (WTE) platforms, and knows how to leverage this technology to convert non-recyclables into useful energy sources such as electricity and heat.

We help countries transform their Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management infrastructure, and deploy solutions to help governments effectively manage waste and transform operations for environmental sustainability. Our team will lead the effort to install technology in the form of a waste-to-energy plant that will turn a major ecological problem into a social transformation catalyst.


Ecological Benefits

  • Waste minimization, recycling and reuse
  • Water table contamination is halted
  • Emissions reductions generation by methane capture or elimination
  • Reduced land use due to reclaimed landfill area

Economic Benefits

  • Direct jobs are created via WTE Plants
  • Additional indirect jobs are created to support the plant and the output infrastructure

Social Benefits

  • Upgrading legislation and environmental standards to provide safe living standards to the surrounding residents
  • Government is seen as proactive in solving one of the most acute problems in the community and water supply affecting others geography
  • Scenery of the community improved


What We Deliver

    • Evaluation of WTE solution providers
    • Site survey to determine viability and layout of plant
      • Landfill planning
      • Landfill engineering
      • Design and construction
      • Site investigations and facility localization
    • Project plan including completion timeframe
    • Procurement of equipment and materials
    • Construction executed by local contractors Project Management by Panorama
    • Signoff by project manager and landfill operator for the completion of construction phase
    • Start up and commissioning
      • Acceptance by local regulatory authority
      • Integration of energy output into local infrastructure
      • All equipment accepted as “Utility Grade” and commissioned
      • Sign off by all parties for the operational fitness of plant and ancillary equipment

    We work closely with our governments to ensure that each municipality is part of the national solution for waste management and renewable energy generation. Our teams are familiar with environmental regulations and critical issues that impact cost, public image and liabilities.

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