Enterprise Systems Strategy & Assessments

The last few decades have seen the widespread adoption of integrated software suites across both foreign and domestic government entities. Through our extensive experience in the field, Panorama has discovered that most enterprise solution engagements conducted by the public sector are primarily focused on creating enhanced operational efficiency through system deployment. Our Enterprise Systems Strategy & Assessment service offering enables government transformations by delivering all of the strategic and tactical potential of enterprise systems across agencies. In doing so, we have created a new model – one that places the emphasis on the very real capability of enterprise systems to achieve innovation and reshape government strategy. The Panorama philosophy proposes that enterprise systems, when used to integrate, optimize and standardize, can help government organizations achieve alliance, innovation and process efficiency.

A well-developed Enterprise Systems Strategy builds on and complements the agency’s overarching IT strategy. While technology is a key factor in any IT strategy, it is not a means to an end. To sustain (and benefit from) technologies over time, IT strategies must be driven by defined and agreed upon organizational goals. Aligning IT strategy with enterprise systems strategy is a critical objective of overall planning. IT strategies need to take into consideration an integrated view of information and government processes across the extended governmental entity.

Our definition of Enterprise Systems Strategy & Assessment is holistic in nature, and begins with the clear definition of the strategic objectives of the public entity we serve. This is often one of the most challenging, yet important, steps in building a strategy. Once the objectives are defined, Panorama conducts a gap analysis to create visibility into whether the current state IT strategy supports the agency’s newly defined or redefined strategic objectives. Building upon that gap analysis, our team of government consulting experts creates a roadmap to outline the agency’s Enterprise Systems Strategy and ensure that its portfolio of enterprise technology investments sufficiently supports its strategic goals.

At Panorama we take a pragmatic approach when it comes to defining Enterprise Systems Strategy. A few high-level concepts we take into consideration include:

  • Current organizational structure
  • Applications inventory
  • System architecture diagrams
  • Current and multi-year capital IT budget
  • SLAs between IT and internal customers
  • Key performance indicators 

At the conclusion of this phase of the engagement, Panorama delivers an Enterprise Systems Strategy & Assessment to ensure that the public entity we serve has a clear, three to five-year roadmap showing alignment between the IT strategy, portfolio of technology investments and strategic direction, goals and requirements.

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