Fueling Consumption Assessment

We help industrial and manufacturing companies improve efficiency through reduced energy fueling costs.

If your organization is in manufacturing, you likely face challenges related to regulatory compliance for emissions and external cost forces such as recent crude oil price fluctuations. During a Fueling Consumption Assessment, we analyze your organization’s facility, production and – where applicable – fleet fueling costs. By recommending changes to your processes, technology and energy fueling sources, we provide a roadmap to an overall lower operating cost. As a result, your organization will make huge gains in efficiency, even in this volatile market.

What We Deliver

  • Comprehensive project management, if required
  • Recommendations on alternative fuel engine kit retrofitting
  • ROI analysis of entire conversion and ongoing operations and maintenance program
  • Process reengineering required to implement a new fuel source
  • HSE implications, recommendations and training
  • Financing of engine conversion equipment based on term of fueling contract
  • Reconciliation of monthly billing and savings analysis
  • Examination of the volumes and pricing of current fuel(s) consumed in the production processes, fleet operations and/or facilities
  • Where pipeline gas is not available, examination of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), or propane as other replacement fuel sources
  • Determining the most appropriate strategy (dedicated, bi-fuel or dual-fuel processes)
  • Determining the best retrofit or dedicated replacement equipment in production process including any required detection or emergency shut off devices (ESD’s)
  • Examination energy consumption in the heating and lighting of the facility for potential savings
  • Assessment of the feasibility of fleet conversion to alternative fuels in a dedicated, bi-fuel or dual-fuel mode
  • Recommendation of fuel transport, storage equipment and maintenance vendor based on recommended fuel and location of fuel source
  • Determination of required permits and modifications to client’s current HSE procedures
  • Detailed ROI calculations for new equipment, fuel and operations vs. annual savings
  • Summary report including all calculations, recommendations and timeframes considered in a “go or no go” recommendation
  • Project management throughout entire process as needed from the client’s perspective

Alternative fuel substitution is just one way we can help your organization save money and improve operations. Contact us for a more detailed overview of our services, or read our FAQs for more information.
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