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When I make plans for my wife and I to see a movie, and invest $25 for the pleasure, I pick movies that I believe will have an intriguing beginning, a finish that leaves me satisfied and a middle that has a compelling plot that connects the beginning and the finish.

When I develop or analyze ERP Implementation Plans I take a similar view. I look for these elements:

  • Project Initiation
    • Team Structure Definition
    • Communication Planning
    • Risk Management
    • Governance and Control
  • Execution
    • Data Migration
    • Training Strategy
    • Business Simulation
    • Gap Analysis
    • Process Testing
  • Closing
    • Cutover Strategy
    • Verification
    • Transition Planning
    • Go/No Go Decision
    • Communication
    • SOX Testing
    • Legacy Data Archive and System De-commissioning

Granted that these comprise only a few of the tasks that should be in a comprehensive implementation plan, they are key elements that should be there and if I don’t see them a red flag goes up and I start serious scrutiny. Like a “good” movie the storyline needs to be complete and in the right order for the best opportunity for success.