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Panorama’s Clash of the Titans 2016 provides an independent comparison of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor. Watch this webinar clip for an analysis of the average payback periods for these four vendors.

The vendor with the most respondents receiving payback in less than a year is Oracle (20-percent), followed by SAP (13-percent). However, compared to SAP, Oracle has a higher percentage of implementations that take three years or more to provide payback. A large percentage (40-percent) of organizations implementing Infor reported no recouped costs, and a large percentage (43-percent) of organizations implementing Microsoft Dynamics reported three years or more until recouped costs.

Significant customization may contribute to long payback periods, while using out-of-the-box functionality and best practices with minimal customization can result in shorter payback periods.

The full webinar is available here: Review of Panorama’s 2016 Clash of the Titans Report. For more YouTube videos and webinar clips, visit our YouTube Channel.

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