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 SAP AG today announced the general availability of a collaborative process modeling tool in the SAP StreamWork application. The new tool enables groups of people to work together in real time using their Web browsers’ modeling processes as easily as if they were in a room together.

As an on-demand application for collaborative decision-making, SAP StreamWork allows users to track discussions, decisions, related documents and action items, and provides them with a record of the conversation and work for later reference. This new cloud-based collaborative process modeling tool is another achievement by SAP to further bring social and collaborative capabilities into business processes and applications. By simplifying the way process models can be created collaboratively, the tool reduces the entry barrier for process experts, end users and business analysts to engage in discussions about the actual flow of business processes.

Changes to processes are simultaneously shown to all participants of a process discussion, fostering real-time collaboration and teamwork. For visualization of the process flow, the tool supports the open standard business process model and notation (BPMN), which allows it to be used in any BPMN-compliant application. Users can then gain a better understanding and a higher level of transparency of business processes. Additionally, the process model created with this tool can be used for documentation and simulation, and can also be translated into automated workflows by using tools such as SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration software.

SAP StreamWork, including the collaborative process modeling tool, is free on For more information, visit the SAP Newsroom. Follow SAP on Twitter at @sapnews.