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Infor EAM Mobile Speeds Agency Services, Enables Real-time Updates

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has selected Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Enterprise for Transit Management in the cloud. The SFMTA, which oversees all public transportation initiatives throughout the City of San Francisco, will implement Infor EAM Enterprise to help eliminate disparate systems by providing a unified, centralized asset management application for agency-wide use. The SFMTA will also employ Infor EAM Mobile to enable real-time system access from any location, allowing employees in the field to complete daily tasks faster and with greater efficiency.

News Points

  • The SFMTA initially selected Infor because of its proven, industry-specific functionality for the transportation micro-vertical. The latest version of Infor EAM will enable simplified work order processes and automated information sharing, helping to increase efficiency and promote greater connectivity throughout the agency.
  • With the ability to register and track assets within a unified system, the agency will be better equipped to meet federal reporting requirements. Infor EAM will provide one point of reference for users to help ensure that all employees are up-to-date on current asset conditions.
  • With Infor EAM in the cloud, the SFMTA will not be responsible for configuration,disaster recovery, future updates or storage. This is expected to facilitate cost savings by allowing them to manage the application without hiring additional IT employees or purchasing supplementary hardware. The agency can also spend less time focusing on system maintenance, and more time addressing the needs of citizens.
  • Infor EAM Mobile allows users to tag assets and update work orders from different locations at any time using an iPad. By eliminating the need to return to a central point to input data, the SFMTA will help to speed services and equip its employees with the most current asset information.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Quote

“Previously our employees had to return to a terminal to update work orders, which was extremely inefficient and time consuming considering that we manage assets spread out across the entire city,” said Hoppers Hoppers, IT manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. “Now users can make and receive real-time updates while in the field, helping to significantly speed our ability to service each transportation fleet. The City of San Francisco as a whole is transitioning to a cloud-based technology strategy, so it was important that we move to the cloud as well in order to ensure consistency across our systems.”

Infor Quote
“Infor understands that successfully maintaining city and state-wide transportation systems requires a unique set of capabilities within an asset management system,” said Kevin Price, senior product director, EAM, Infor. “By deploying Infor EAM in the cloud, SFMTA will not only benefit from its specifically tailored functionality, but they will also be well-equipped for the future with the ability to easily change or add to their system.”

About San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency oversees light rail, bike and pedestrian programs, taxis, parking and traffic control operations in the City of San Francisco. The agency also manages the San Francisco Municipal Railway, known as Muni, which includes the city’s historic streetcars and the world-famous cable cars. For more information, please visit