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Folding Carton Solutions Company Turns to Epicor to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Increase Information Accuracy

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced that Rice Packaging Solutions, a food and beverage packaging manufacturing company, has chosen Epicor AVP, an ERP software solution built for packaging operations.

Rice Packaging Solutions has been delivering custom packaging, folding carton and manufacturing solutions to the New England area for more than 45 years. The company’s commitment to service and quality has continued to build a loyal customer base. “We’re proud of our 99.86% on-time delivery and equally matched quality assurance,” says Bruce Frey, CFO at Rice Packaging Solutions. “We knew we needed to replace our legacy system in order to continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Designed specifically for folding carton manufacturers, Epicor AVP will replace Rice Packaging Solutions’ DOS-based accounting program and homegrown operating system, which have been in place for more than 30 years. “Our legacy systems were inefficient and we were constantly running into problems trying to integrate them with modern graphic design programs,” says Frey as he explains how errors occurred because the hardware overran their packaging design software with the wrong instructions. “In addition, we were dealing with double invoices and bad inventory numbers, among other inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Putting all of this together, we had to change.”

Epicor AVP delivers strong overall functionality to meet Rice Packaging Solutions’ business requirements. “We wanted a software solution that had been proven and a system we were comfortable with,” says Frey. “We feel that Epicor AVP is the standard that other software packages need to be measured against.”

The key functional areas that will be most valuable to Rice Packaging Solutions include estimating, multiple quotes, scheduling, inventory management, real-time reports and analyses, dashboards and integration with its packaging prepress system.

“We hope to become more sophisticated and learn more about our company, particularly from a financial standpoint,” says Frey. “Moving to a modern platform will allow us to provide better customer service without jumping through hoops, as well as enable us to become more efficient with timely and accurate information. We spend 35% of our efforts double checking information, from the front end down to the manufacturing floor and out the door. Epicor AVP will aid in this tremendously. There’s a lot of waste and chance for errors that will be solved with this new software.”

Reducing waste in terms of time and resources, combined with the benefits of achieving confidence in data and increasing the speed at which Rice Packaging Solutions can service their customers is how the company will justify the software purchase. “We could no longer tolerate the errors and poor performance of our legacy systems. When you measure the software purchase in terms of results, time and resources, it’s an easy justification,” says Frey.

“Epicor enjoys a long history of providing innovative business management software to packaging companies,” says Malcolm Fox, vice president, product marketing at Epicor. “Built with industry-specific functionality for folding carton manufacturers, Epicor AVP offers Rice Packaging Solutions greater operational efficiency and complete business visibility straight out of the box.”

Epicor AVP provides comprehensive information and control of critical business processes for folding carton manufacturers – from the initial sales inquiry to design, estimating, and order management; from production scheduling and inventory management to delivery and invoicing. With built-in support for shop floor data collection and supply chain integration, Epicor AVP helps increase top-line revenues and track fixed and variable costs to ensure that margins and mark-ups take full account of actual costs.