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Return on Citizenship

What is Return on Citizenship?

We help government entities achieve a high return on citizenship (ROC) through social innovation and citizen engagement. Return on citizenship can best be described as the amount of social value that citizens receive in return for their tax dollars.

Government institutions are under increased pressure to efficiently provide the services paid for by taxpayers. The success of government leaders is often measured by the benefits they are creating for their constituents, citizens and communities. Economic globalization provides further incentive for the public sector to transform and restructure to meet social demands. This will become burdensome unless the government adapts and innovates its processes and technology.

We provide the oversight and guidance necessary to select and implement technology, facilitate organizational changes and ensure a high return on citizenship. Our team serves the following sectors:

Learn more by downloading our white paper, The Need for Public Sector Innovation: Facing the Challenges Posed by Public Sector IT Initiatives.

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