Edible Software

Edible Software enables distributors in the Wholesale Produce, Grocery, Meat, Seafood and General Food business, to increase their bottom line with better, more accurate and faster management information, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. By streamlining sales and purchasing, and controlling the multiple inventory costs, Edible Software provides management with the critical, timely information needed to make the right business decisions.

In addition to installing constantly upgrading Edible Software, customer service and support is paramount in our company, and we therefore provide around-the-clock live support to all of our clients. If needed, our full-time staff of in-house analysts, programmers and support personnel will also gladly customize our cutting-edge software in order to meet your specific requirements.

Date Founded1980
Organization Type (Public/Private)Private
Number of Employees15
Sales Method (Direct/VAR)Direct
Geographical CoverageNational
Product Name(s)Edible Software, Edible Net, Edible Mobile, Edible PDA, Edible Wi-Fi
Manufacturing Typen/a
Manufacturing Moden/a
Functional Modules
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS)Traditional
Open SourceNo
Source Code
Number of Software Updates Per Year
Industry ExpertiseFood and Beverage
Sample ClientsCal-Tex Citrus Juice


Company NameEdible Software
Street Address3603 Westcenter Drive, Suite 100