Since 1981, AddonSoftware® has developed practical, affordable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use enterprise-wide software applications for distributors and manufacturers.  Customers enjoy The Freedom to Grow® because of the lean efficiency of the software, its flexibility, its scalability, and the experienced professionals who customize and support it.  The software can be successfully fit to a small one-location company and grow with that company through multiple locations, multiple companies, multiple product lines, with revenues generated over the Internet, through distributors, and through many, many other changes a company might experience as it grows. It is also implemented successfully by companies who have already grown and who can experience much greater efficiency and profitability, and therefore, peace of mind with proven, reliable, supported software.  Deployment options include central or distributed data, fat or thin clients, Linux or Windows clients, Linux, Unix, or Windows server, Citrix terminal server, Web browser interface, and more.

Date Founded1985
Organization Type (Public/Private)Private
Number of Employees<50
Sales Method (Direct/VAR)VAR
Geographical CoverageInternational
Product Name(s)AddonSoftware
FocusManufacturing, Distribution
Manufacturing Type
Manufacturing Mode
Functional ModulesGeneral Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Financial Report Writer, Planning, Forecasting, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehousing, Bar Coding and Data Collection, Lot Control and Recall Management, Production Scheduling, Job Control, Production Recording, Quoting and Estimating, Order Management, Payroll, System Administration
Deployment Options (Traditional/SaaS)Traditional, SaaS
Open SourceNo
Source CodeProvided
Number of Software Updates Per YearFour +
Industry ExpertiseChemical, Apparel, Wholesale Distribution, Food and Beverage
Sample ClientsAmerican Drapery, JUGS Sports, Layton Home Fashions, Mt. Hood Chemical, Orca Bay Seafoods, Rainier Industries, Skutt Ceramic Products, Southwest Tire & Supply
Number of Users (Organizations)
Recommended Number of Users
Revenue TargetSMB
Active User Community (Y/N)Yes


Company NameAddonSoftware
Street Address5901 Jefferson St NE
StateNew Mexico
YouTube Channel