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AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Nov. 18, 2010 — Plex Systems, Inc., provider of Plex Online, the No. 1 rated SaaS manufacturing ERP software , announces the availability of a new paper from researchers at Aberdeen Group that sheds light on the acceptance of software as a service (SaaS) ERP systems. The report is titled “Leveraging SaaS ERP for Impressive Results” and is available at the Plex Systems Resource Center.

The research reveals a 70 percent increase in willingness to consider ERP delivered as a software as a service (SaaS). According to the researchers, the increase in appeal is due to the manufacturing sector’s desire to avoid complex upgrades and control IT costs. System features were also cited as extremely important, in addition to vendor viability, references, ease and speed of implementation and ease of use.

Notes the report’s author, Cindy Jutras, Vice President and Research Fellow at Aberdeen Group, “What was noteworthy in our findings is that Plex Systems is one of the very few veteran SaaS ERP vendors, with a 10 year track record in the SaaS market. This longevity, coupled with Plex Systems’ unique approach to opt-in enhancements, positions the company well. Manufacturers that have implemented Plex Online have achieved impressive results.”

“This report confirms the viability of ERP systems delivered as a SaaS or cloud solution,” added Mark Symonds, president and CEO of Plex Systems. “Manufacturers in a range of industries such as automotive, food processing, medical device and others, have been able to cut costs, improve production quality and gain other competitive advantages.”

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Plex Systems, Inc. is the developer of Plex Online , a SaaS ERP (software as a service) cloud ERP solution for the manufacturing enterprise. Plex Online offers industry-leading features for virtually every department within a manufacturer, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES ) and Quality Management Systems (QMS ) for the shop floor, Supply Chain Management (SCM ) for procurement, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) for finance and management. Plex Online’s comprehensive functional coverage delivers a “shop floor to top floor” view of a manufacturer’s operations, enabling management to run its business at maximum efficiency. Founded in 1995, Plex Systems is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with customers around the globe. Follow Plex Systems at . More information is online at

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