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June 2, 2010, Chennai, India – Ramco, the Global Aviation Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software provider, announced today the release of its cutting edge Ramco Aviation Analytics, powered by DecisionWorks™ for the Global Aerospace & Defense, Civil Aviation & MRO Industry.

In today’s highly competitive aviation marketplace, the pressure on managers to consistently deliver value to customers, and all stakeholders is immense. With mature transaction systems, managers are inundated with volumes of data but lack the relevant information for critical decision-making. Excessive time is wasted collating and validating data and calculating and reporting metrics leaving little time for analyzing the information to reach meaningful conclusions.

The solution; Ramco Aviation Analytics, a dashboard driven business intelligence tool that presents essential information, mined from existing enterprise transaction systems, necessary for successfully viewing and managing an organizations performance. Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation Analytics delivers pre-configured analysis perspectives and graphical key performance indicators within a flexible framework. Leaders are now provided with specific insights required to successfully control their individual complex operation. In aviation, it has never been more important to make timely and accurate decisions that enhance the organizations operational efficiency. By including pre-defined analysis perspectives and KPI’s, the time to gaining such insights from this business intelligence tool is significantly reduced, easing the complexity normally associated with the implementation of similar tools.

“Ramco’s Series 5 Aviation Analytics provides deeper understanding of key metrics, resulting in increasingly informed decisions. Operations managers and executives can now execute, monitor, analyze and report performance using the intuitive dashboard, scorecards and key performance indicators. The progress of strategic, tactical and operational initiatives can be monitored at a glance by all stakeholders without waiting for labor intensive monthly reports,” said Jim Fitzgerald, President of Global A&D Solutions Group.