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New Delhi, India — September 9, 2010 – Ramco Systems; a leading IT company focused on consulting, products, and managed services, today announced the launch of Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0 (RODE 2.0)— the next generation of India’s first full-fledged ERP offering on the cloud. Built on Ramco’s SaaS-based model, RODE 2.0 adds significant functionalities, features, and modules to the offering. The chief guest for the day, Grand Master & World Chess Champion Mr. Vishwanathan Anand, unveiled the new product along with Mr. Ajai Uppal, Jt. President, Marketing, Birla Tyres (customer of RODE 2.0). This upgrade will be seamlessly available to all 2000 users from 200+ client organizations, at no additional cost.

The newly launched RODE 2.0, built on the powerful Ramco VirtualWorks™ platform, offers customers a rich user interface and a unique set of extension / customization capabilities. RODE 2.0 can successfully handle thousands’ of business transactions and complex functionalities such as MRP, across different industries simultaneously on a single instance of software.

RODE 2.0 is very simple to deploy and run and is completely modular, enabling customers to choose the functions they need, and pay only for what is used, on a subscription basis. It enables customers to go live in as early as 7 days, as against the months taken by traditional ERP, even as they enjoy the full business benefits of a comprehensive ERP solution.

RODE 2.0 has comprehensive ERP functionalities covering Process & Discrete Production, Cost Planning & Control, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Maintenance Management, Service Management, Asset Management, and MIS Reports.

RODE 2.0 has the following additional features/benefits:

  • ERP Extendability: Ramco’s Extension Development Kit (EDK) allows customer organizations to build their own unique set of extended functionalities (screens or modules) and integrate with the core ERP on the cloud. Customers can also create Portlets (web based portals) that contain dashboards and other analytical / graphical reports, to suit every individual organization’s needs.
  • Report Customization: The enterprise reporting tool facilitates addition of new reports or customization of existing reports. This gives the customer the flexibility to design & customize reports based on his unique business needs.
  • Integration: RODE 2.0 is enabled for easy integration with external applications through either web services or simple data level integration.
  • Business Intelligence: The Analytics tool can be used to conduct a simple yet comprehensive analysis of data and processes on a real-time basis, and thereby ease decision-making.
  • Mobile computing: This capability enables the user to access and transact using their mobile, for faster business response and quick decision-making
  • Enhanced security features: Firewall and other security mechanisms like SSL certificates are enabled in RODE’s multilayer architecture
  • RODE 2.0 has functionalities that will support the requirements of new industry verticals such as Trading, Auto & Auto component Manufacturers, Electronics & Engineering, Manufacturing Industries, Services, Leather, Power Generation, Food processing, and Dairy.

According to Mr. P R Venketrama Raja, Vice Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Ramco Systems, “Ramco OnDemand ERP (RODE) 2.0 provides a large magnitude of cost savings to customers, by reducing the total cost of owning an ERP, for SMEs as well as large enterprises. Unlike conventional cloud applications that are based on “one size fits all” approach, RODE 2.0 enables customers to extend the ERP and customize reports on the cloud, to meet their unique requirements. RODE 2.0 developed using Ramco VirtualWorks™ offers complex and comprehensive ERP functionalities, with desk-top like rich user interface and high security on the cloud. The product is field proven with 200+ customers from varied industry verticals already using this product. Cloud as a platform is revolutionizing the way software applications are used by organizations for running their businesses, and Ramco will continue to invest in pioneering innovative adoption of such technologies which would bring significant business benefits to our customers.”

According to BusinessWorld SME White Book 2010- 2011, SaaS-based ERP market in India is valued at about 7 million USD (2.2 % of the overall 310 million USD ERP market in India). “We are seeing a tremendous increase in the customer interest for Cloud-based ERP in the Indian subcontinent. With our success here, we soon plan to enter other geographies as well,” added Mr. Raja.

Mr. S. Badrinarayanan, Vice President, RTE – Brakes India says, “Ramco OnDemand ERP has given us an opportunity to deploy a robust information system without investing in additional resources or capital. This model is cost effective and enables us to focus on our core business competency. Ramco’s speedy deployment and excellent post-implementation support have also proved impressive. With Ramco we get the best of both world’s – a powerful end-to-end ERP at fraction of the cost. We are happy to have partnered with an expert like Ramco for all our IT needs.”

Mr. S Sivakumar, CEO, ITC IBD (eChoupal) and Mr. Ramesh Sanka, MD – Rentco, DLF shared their experience on working with Ramco.

Also present for the press launch to extend their support were RODE customers – Mr. S. Badrinarayanan, Vice President, RTE – Brakes India; Mr. Ajai Uppal, Birla Tyres and RODE partners – Mr. Avinash Garg, Director, IRIS Unipro, Ms. Roma Kapoor, Director – Finance,IRIS Unipro, Mr. Ayush Aggarwal, Director, Tanashi Technologies and Mr. Ashish, MD, TRU CARE Consultants.