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Solution allows more effective management of Queensland’s penalty debt levels

Solution allows more effective management of Queensland’s penalty debt levels

CGI announced today that it has commenced a contract with the Queensland Government’s State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) to implement and service a debt recovery solution that will enable faster collections while balancing fairness with effectiveness.

CGI’s Collections360® solution will provide SPER with a single integrated system that will enable an increase in collections and a reduction in the age of debts, using analytics to drive automation and enhance productivity. The contract is valued at AU$58.8 million (CAD$57.6 million) which covers five years of service and an optional two years’ extension. This service is expected to begin following completion of the implementation project in the second half of 2017.

“CGI’s responsive solution will provide global best practices in debt recovery, customer profiling, payments and channel management. The tailored solution will include advanced data analytics, behavioural economics and system reporting and will be a powerful tool, allowing SPER to more effectively manage Queensland’s penalty debt levels,” said Colin Holgate, President of CGI in Asia Pacific.

“CGI has a 30-year track record of successful collections implementations for Governments across the world and 11 projects alone have so far secured revenue benefits of $5.7 billion. This is money that our clients have independently certified would not have been collected without our solutions,” he added. “Our work with SPER will result in debts being collected faster while ensuring that vulnerable debtors are afforded appropriate advice and assistance from the outset. We are confident that the Queensland Government will quickly see the benefits of implementing CGI’s solution.”

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