Like a lot of organizations – we try to stay quiet on our political choices. Not every person is going to agree with your points of view, so it’s best practice to keep your views to yourself. However, it is hard to stay in the middle with such a polarized political environment. So….who did your ERP project manager vote for? Stay tuned because the answer may shock you. The candidate your project manager (PM) voted for was…project governance.

Not the answer you were expecting, right? So, why? Well, a project governance document addresses key statements and processes that support the objectives of project sponsors, decision-makers and stakeholders. Good governance documents don’t just spring from a specific party or even from a burning bush – they are the results of careful thought and well-reasoned logic.  Your project team, led by the PM, invested a lot of time into developing it.  It will thrill them to no end if you ask them a few questions about it.

The vital running mate of project governance is a chap we call the project charter.  The project charter takes into account information developed during the executive-level strategy sessions and contains:

  • A validated project vision
  • A validated list of objectives that support the vision
  • A list of the expected business benefits that the project will bring
  • A clear depiction of what constitutes success for the project
  • A high-level scoping statement, timeline and budget
  • A high-level list of project variables
  • A high-level list of assumptions and anticipated risks
  • A responsibilities matrix
  • The plan to ensure and maintain alignment between executives, stakeholders and the project team
  • A list of standing project meeting schedules, agendas and reports
  • Change procedures that address how changes to budget, scope and time are treated

Like most running mates, the project charter should be taken very seriously.  Simply put, the project charter’s job is to ensure that the project stays on track and completes within time, scope and budget.

So, who does Panorama endorse? We endorse a well-reasoned, balanced and strong project governance document. The project charter is the perfect running mate for governance and makes up an unbeatable ticket, unless you are not concerned with achievable timelines, reasonable scope and thoughtful and realistic cost estimates.

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