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ProcessPro, developers of ProcessPro Premier ERP software, is excited to announce the release of its new business intelligence application. ProcessPro® Business Intelligence Suite provides easy access to data resulting in the ability of managers and senior executives to make better informed business decisions in real-time.

ProcessPro Business Intelligence Suite creates a platform for complete business analysis through interactive graphs, charts, and reports that are easy to compile and understand. It is fully integrated with ProcessPro Premier seamlessly pulling data from the entire system as well as third party databases. Real-time reports can be created within minutes.

“Instant reporting is critical in managing today’s dynamic business environments,” says Joe Blauert, ProcessPro President. “The ability to interactively drill down into multiple deeper levels of report data gives managers instant access to the root of business problems.”

Regular reporting is also important for maintaining business decision competencies. ProcessPro Business Intelligence Suite can also be set to automatically run and distribute standard reports on pre-determined schedules. Reports can be published in html, pdf, or spreadsheet format, then automatically emailed to team members or directed to the intranet.

“The dashboard within Business Intelligence Suite provides flexibility and usability for every user – even those with less technical capabilities,” says Shanon Odegaard, ProcessPro Product Manager.

ProcessPro Premier ERP is a fully integrated, real time ERP for the process manufacturing industry that offers a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process.

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