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Israeli Agricultural Leader Implements Infor Food & Beverage Suite to Improve Supply Chain Visibility and Enhance Demand Forecasting

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 73,000 customers, today announced that Prinir, a leading Israeli food processor of tomatoes, olives and pickles, has deployed Infor Food & Beverage. The suite, based on Infor M3, will help Prinir manage complex supply chains through meeting strict quality control and traceability standards. In addition Infor Food & Beverage will enable Prinir to improve forecasting, accounting for complex, changing patterns that involve seasonality, promotions and alternative products.

The six figure project spans all aspects of their business including financial management and accounting, procurement and inventory management, supply chain management, sales management and production planning. It was delivered within six months, on time and on budget.

Iftah Keren, CEO Prinir said: “We chose Infor Food & Beverage because it is proven in the control of complex processes in food companies, enabling businesses like ours to achieve operational excellence and continue to grow.”

Uzi Yaari, CEO, Intentia solutions added: “Infor Food & Beverage will help Prinir to implement robust processes across budgeting, production planning and warehouse management. The proven food industry application is designed to deliver accurate information on each batch, quality control, planning, purchasing, and production scheduling across hundreds of products.”

“Infor has extensive and deep domain expertise in the food and beverage manufacturing industry,” said Alain Rafle, regional channel manager for Israel, Infor. “Bringing this to bear for Prinir will result in better supply chain visibility and the ability to react faster to changes in demand. The holistic implementation of the application, across so many departments will enable an integrated approach that is expected to yield results throughout the business.