Denver, COLO – To successfully implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, government organizations must incorporate targeted organizational change management activities into their project strategy, according to the Organizational Change Management in Public Sector ERP Implementations white paper released today by Panorama Government Solutions, an independent ERP consulting firm in Denver. The paper posits that public sector agencies should focus on determining risk exposure and developing mitigation tactics for the specific change management challenges that they face.

“Through our work with government agencies as well as our independent research into ERP failures, Panorama has seen time and again the profoundly negative effects that inadequate organizational change management can have on ERP implementations,” said Z. Vanessa Giacoman, Managing Member of Panorama Government Solutions. “There is no way around it: government agencies must overcome the eight key organizational change management challenges I discuss in the white paper to successfully implement any large-scale program or system.”

The white paper also details the five pillars that Panorama’s own PERFECT Change™ organizational change management methodology is built upon, including communication and organizational alignment, contextual training and benefits realization frameworks.

To offer further insight into the role of organizational change management in public sector ERP implementations, Giacoman will present a free webinar on Thursday, September 26 at 1 p.m. EST. Registration is open at

Organizational Change Management in Public Sector ERP Implementations is available for download at

About Panorama Government Solutions

Panorama Government Solutions is the leading independent global management and technology consulting firm serving the public sector. Headquartered in Denver, our integrated government management consulting methodologies, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software expertise and technology-agnostic approach provides government and public sector clients worldwide with the evaluations, analyses and strategies necessary to achieve effectiveness and successfully deliver better services to their citizens.

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