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December 28, 2009 – Denver, Colorado – Panorama Consulting Group, an independent ERP consulting firm, today released a new ERP report focused on ERP software usage within the aerospace and airline industry.

This portion of Panorama’s 2009 ERP Report outlines the use of ERP software at companies within the aerospace and airline industry and also includes a comparison of ERP results to other industries.  This study includes metrics on ERP implementations and reviews data for average project budget, implementation timeframes, and actual project costs.  The 2009 ERP Report also covers implementation variables such as the level of software customization and ERP modules deployed.

The report reveals that Oracle is the leading ERP software vendor within the airline and aerospace sector.  Oracle holds 35% market share and is followed by SAP with 30%.  The remaining market share is divided among various Tier II ERP vendors.

“This latest report demonstrates the breadth of enterprise software options available to companies in the aerospace industry,” states Eric Kimberling, President and Founder of Panorama Consulting Group. “Our experience in this industry vertical shows that the available ERP solutions are just as diverse as the needs of our clients in the space.”

In addition to ERP market share, the study reviewed ERP implementations and ERP project variables such as implementation timeframes, cost, and module usage.  “The average implementation time for aerospace and airline companies is 28 months, which is significantly greater than the average ERP implementation timeframe of 19.8 months. This extended implementation helps support the report’s data that showed the aerospace and airline industry is much more likely to exceed other industries in overall ERP spending.  Our survey data shows the average cost of ERP implementations in this segment is $31.5M, which compares to $8.5M in other industries.  This variance is attributed to the fact that this is a complex industry. In order to satisfy quality and regulatory needs, aerospace and airline companies need to have well-defined and tightly integrated business processes, which tends to increase implementation duration and cost,” states Kimberling.

Panorama Consulting Group offers independent ERP software selection and implementation expertise, as well as tools that help aerospace and airline companies reduce their total cost of ownership and optimize measurable business results.

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