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Since we began the company in 2005, Panorama has gone through quite a bit of change. Industry recognition, rapid growth, reorganizations, and improved consulting methods are some of the things our clients and prospects have seen from us over the years. All of these changes have been designed to improve the value and quality of the services we provide our clients.

So far, 2011 is turning out to be no different; we continue to make continuous improvements to our business in our never-ending quest to provide client service that exceeds what any of our competitors are able to achieve. Below are just a few improvements that you may have already recognized or are about to see from Panorama Consulting:

1. New additions to our client base. Over the last several months, we have added a handful of new clients, including high-growth mid-size companies, larger organizations with annual revenues nearing or in excess of $1B, and even some smaller organizations. Recent new additions to our client base include Louisiana Pacific, AeroJet, and many others, all of which have helped contribute to and sustain our 80%+ average annual growth rate over the last three years.

2. Improvements to our consulting team. As a growing company, we are always hiring the best available talent in our industry. With that growth brings faces that may seem new to our clients, but that are veterans with considerable experience. For example, while I continue to serve as President and Chairman of the Board, we recently brought on a new CEO and CFO (watch for the official press release to follow in the next several days). Along the way, we have also implemented various strategic initiatives to better align our consultants with our overall corporate goals and the best interests of our clients. These goal re-alignment initiatives have resulted in some consultants moving on, and in other consultants who are an excellent fit with our strategic vision coming aboard and/or rising in rank within our organization. As a result, our team now is much stronger and more cohesive than it was even just three or six months ago.

3. Refined organizational structure. We have a very talented and ambitious group of ERP consulting experts, many of whom want to lead and provide direction to our growing company. For that reason, and to support our growth and new clients, we recently promoted two project managers to Director in our Client Services division: Michael Kalkman and Ipsita Mitra. In addition, Larry Bell was promoted to Manager of Vendor Relations. These three organizational changes were designed to recognize outstanding contributions from our team members, but more importantly, to help us scale for our continued growth.

4. Enhanced processes and methodologies. Late last year, we upgraded and refined our consulting processes, tools, and methodologies. We released significant enhancements to our software selection approach, more clearly defined our business blueprint processes, and optimized our ERP implementation toolset. In addition, we more tightly integrated our three key service offerings – ERP software selection, ERP implementation and organizational change management – into a seamless set of offerings, which our consulting team is cross-trained to provide clients. We are using these tightened processes and methodologies as a way to train our expanding consulting team to provide more consistent and elevated quality services to our clients.

5. Expanded ERP consulting services. We also have continued to respond to market demand by expanding our ERP consulting services. For example, we now provide more flexible contract arrangements with our clients to provide them with more control over how they leverage our expertise and competencies. In addition, we have also expanded the services we provide, specifically in areas such as organizational change management, providing our ERP Boot Camp™ on-site and tailored to meet client needs, and standalone ERP vendor negotiation services.

In some cases, these changes are happening behind the scenes in a way that is transparent to our clients. In all of the above examples, however, one thing remains constant: we are still committed to our vision of being the world’s leading and most recognized independent thought leader in the enterprise business and technology services area. Our vision also focuses on delivering measurable business results, reducing business risk and improving business operations for our clients.

The rest of this year will most certainly bring additional improvements: more new clients, more success stories, new additions to our team and, most importantly, more value and success to our clients. So while our organization will continue to grow, new faces will appear, and our organizational chart will continue to evolve, the pursuit of our vision and unwavering commitment to our strategic direction is the one thing that will not change.

We would like to recognize our employees, clients, and investors for helping us continue our growth now and in the future. If you’re not already a client, click here to learn more about our ERP consulting services and to see how Panorama can help you decrease your ERP costs and risks while optimizing business benefits.